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The buck stops with the boss; YourSay.

AS an employer, I always believed two very simple edicts: One, staff reflect the attitude of the boss and two, if staff make a mistake, it is as much the boss's fault for appointing them and/or not training them properly, as it is theirs, so the buck stops with the boss.

If bosses set a standard, staff will follow it.

Where staff diverge from any norm, it is because they believe firstly, it is okay to do so and secondly, they are doing what those above want, even if not explicitly expressed. Damian McBride was appointed by Gordon Brown.

When he was judged to have got something wrong previously (Ruth Kelly's resignation) he was moved into No 10, by Gordon Brown.

He has been an appointee for nine years and trusted by Mr Brown. Does Mr Brown think that he would not have done what he did if he thought that it was against Brown's implicit wishes? Taking all of the above into account, how on Earth does Gordon Brown think the buck does not stop with him? I submit it is both despicable and cowardly that he still refuses to accept responsibility.

And finally, Mr McBride's pay, pension and benefits - all of it - must be refunded to the taxpayer, by the Labour Party, for whom, clearly, he was working Ric Richards, Kingsbury Road, Coventry..
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 21, 2009
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