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The broadcast.

If you miss it in New York, you can see it in Los Angeles, or Berlin, Tokyo, or Rio, or any of the possible 40 countries where the television program is likely to be on the air this winter. Based on last year's line-up, the Council expects to license at least that many, or more, broadcasters. In the United States, the program will be telecast over the PBS network from New York to Los Angeles to Honolulu, with all stations in between. The air date is Sunday, November 29, 1992 at 10:00 PM (EST).

"Considering that this is only the third year of a television program taped at the Awards Gala," Richard Carlton, executive director of The International Council, and executive producer of the television program, said, "The progress from nowhere to everywhere is a phenomenon of our industry." Although this is the 20th year of the Awards, the impetus to turn the Gala outward to reach large audiences beyond the ballroom of a New York hotel didn't gain momentum until 1990 when Herb Granath, then president of the Council, and now president of ABC Video Enterprises, virtually commandeered resources of the ABC Network to provide technical support to launch the program. Carlton. who had been a prime mover on the Council Board lobbying for a televised event, assured Granath that production costs would be covered by license fees and revenues from the Gala itself.

"I had many nervous moments," Carton said, "and in retrospect I was really out on a limb. But I really believed in it and with the help of our friends on the Council Board, we pulled it off!"

For many years prior to 1990, the Gala was taped for the Council archives. However, even these tapings were an offshoot of the need to provide a giant picture in the ballroom to enable guests to see what was going on up there on stage. The upgrade to a TV Program meant new lighting, the addition of entertainment, a new look at the talent involved-and, of course, the designation of an experienced producer. Joseph Cates, an industry veteran of award and variety shows was taped and this is his third year running.

From the earliest days when the Emmy Gala was almost a private dinner party with a handful of nominees and a small but distinguished audience in one of New York's smaller hotel ballrooms, to the full scale production before a thousand of the international television industry's most prominent personalities, it has been a global benchmark for the executives who seek excellence in their production of television programs.

"We're looking down the line a few years and we see a satellite telecast-live from New York," Carlton said. "Why not?," he continued, "Look at the people on our board. They make television happen all over the world. They can make this program that recognizes the best there is in international programming available to every broadcaster in the world. And. it's about time!".
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Title Annotation:Int'l Emmy Special
Publication:Video Age International
Date:Nov 1, 1992
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