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The brief happy life of the "Ninja Bandit".

Michael Wehbe, a 20-year-old clerk at a Dairy Queen in Las Vegas, was duly impressed when a masked man waving a samurai sword burst into the place late last August and announced a holdup. Even in Vegas, you just don't get too many robberies committed by ninja bandits, ya know? But the thought of being sliced and diced really gets your attention.

To add a little note of urgency to his demands, our crime king--or maybe our "crime shogun"--began wildly hacking at the cash register with his sword while Michael was trying desperately to pull money out of it. That's when Mike's big brother, 23-year-old Christian Wehbe, decided the fun and games had gone far enough.

Christian had been waiting for his little brother in the back of the store and watched the heist get hairy on the surveillance camera monitor. When Christian determined the samurai suspect was maybe crazy, in addition to being larcenous, he stepped out and popped the perp with his 9mm pistol.

The result was pretty predictable, further illustrating the old rule that one should never bring just a knife--no matter how big it is--to a gunfight. The ninja was hauled to a hospital where he expired shortly.

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Title Annotation:Back Blast & other hot gases
Comment:The brief happy life of the "Ninja Bandit".(Back Blast & other hot gases)
Author:Gilmore, Commander
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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