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The bra that's heaven scent.

BRAS that you can top up with your favourite perfume will be in the shops soon.

They have a special nodule between the cups with a spongy container which is filled through a nozzle.

Women just pour in a few drops of perfume and it gives off the chosen fragrance all day.

When the silk and cotton creation, called Sensations, is washed the scent reservoir is cleaned out ready for the next time.

French lingerie firm Lou, which invented it, said: "It gives women the freedom to choose what odour their bras give off.

"And it gives off a lot more smell for a lot less perfume than spraying it all over the body."

The pounds 50 bra should be in French shops by September and on sale in Britain in time for Christmas.

It is the firm's answer to rival lingerie makers Neyret, who last year started selling ladies' undies ready scented with grapefruit, apricot and rose petal.

And it follows high-tech ideas from other French firms, like the men's and women's pants that release germ killing chemicals when they warm up - and ambidextrous Y-fronts for both left and right handed men.
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Author:Sparks, Ian
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 29, 1998
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