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The books that shaped my life.

Summary: Every issue we ask a prominent business person about the books that made them the people they are today.

Every issue we ask a prominent business person about the books that made them the people they are today. This month: Sanjay Soni, Founder, & MD, Logix Microsystems Ltd.

The Prophet, Khalil Gibran Inspiring and thought provoking, the book tells us about life, love, marriage, and children. Read it when you are confused and seek direction and you will find what your heart truly seeks.

The Iliad, Homer A treatise on the fallibility of human beings, this book can be likened to the Mahabharata. Be it the nobility of Achilles or the bravery of Hector, even the lust and cowardice of Paris, it tells us about the flaws in the human character and the consequences of those flaws. A must read for everyone.

The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand The conviction of Howard Roark to his ideology and principles is very inspiring. He does not sacrifice his principles for any incentive or crumble under pressure of any kind.

The Art of War, Sun Tzu What I took away from this book is the idea that most battles can be won without firing a single arrow. The strategies given by Sun Tzu are timeless and as valid today as they were in the 6th century. It really helped me in the planning and execution of my business strategy.

The Complete Collection of Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie A fantastic study on human nature. The way the detective Hercule Poirot gets under the skin of all the other characters is simply fascinating.

- As told to Anumeha Chaturvedi

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Date:Mar 5, 2010
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