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The bombshell zodiac; A new self-help bible claims your sex appeal and sense of style are due to your star sign. Our guide reveals how the planets will have shaped your personality.


SHE'S the most famous blonde bombshell of all time - but Marilyn Monroe's sex appeal may have had more to do with her star sign than her acting skills or famous curves. Self-help book The Bombshell Manual of Style claims the zodiac dictates whether you are flirty, feisty or fragile. Stars such as Geri Halliwell and Mariah Carey are huge fans of the book, which reveals each sign's fashion, beauty and lifestyle preferences.

Here, NATASHA WEALE gives a brief guide to each sign's traits - so check yours to see if the planets really have shaped your personality.

# The Bombshell Manual of Style by Laren Stover is published by Hyperion Books and is priced pounds 13.99


ARIES are bombshells with a capital B. They are not shy but that does not mean they aren't shamelessly feminine. It's just you notice their other qualities first.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, Aries bombshells such as Jayne Mansfield, below, and Mariah Carey are decisive, impulsive, spontaneous, independent and generous. They are not afraid to volunteer, roll up their sleeves and jump right in.

Aries bombshells might suddenly decide to paint their bedrooms pink and do it that weekend. Alone. But they are better at initiating projects than finishing them so it is good for them to have a Capricorn or Taurus around, even though they find them a bit sluggish.

Aries bombshells are restless and not the desk-job type. It is commonly believed red is their favourite colour but they often prefer pink.

Adding a little white to crimson in no way dilutes the Aries flame


GEMINI is the most flirtatious of the sun signs and easily distracted.

Gemini bombshells such as Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman, below, may have a fragile quality but their magnetism can be felt from across the room.

Of all the bombshells of the zodiac, Geminis are the friendliest and most likely to have excess charisma.

They empathise with anything helpless and it is best not to tell tragic animal stories unless you plan to ruin their day.

Gemini bombshells are not big on discipline and like to have a coach, or a few, since they will be working on several things simultaneously. Whether it is acting lessons, singing lessons or yoga classes, anything with a schedule helps.

The Gemini bombshell loves all colours and, being bubbly, wears polka dots with greater aplomb than any other sign. Yellow to ivory is favoured


LEO bombshells like to run their own show and hide their vulnerability in public, even though they can be quite daring and at their best when the centre of attention.

As a sign ruled by the Sun, Leo bombshells such as Madonna, below, and Mati Hari always manage to stand where the light is most flattering.

They have a huge ego and have been known to frighten off less confident men. They expect roses and flattery but it has to be sincere... and they can always tell.

They bear no malice or jealousy and will happily share perfume and beauty secrets.

Dignified drama best describes their style and they love majestic velvets in royal blue, burgundy, scarlet, purple, gold and black.

They also love feline and exotic tropical prints


TAURUS women are usually too sensible and earthy to be bombshells. But no other sign is as formidable when they succumb to the sensual traits of their ruling planet Venus.

Taurus bombshells such as Penelope Cruz, below, and Cher are gifted with a beautiful, deep and sultry voice and whether she is slim or curvy, she has grace, humour and poise.

More than any other sign, Taurus bombshells know how to create a lush, opulent atmosphere - there are no uncomfortable chairs or harsh lights in their homes.

They have a weakness for sweets and chocolate and adore cream sauces, wines and leisurely dinners. Taurus bombshells like to take their time, whether it's getting ready to go out or writing a thank-you note.

They prefer fabrics with substance like cashmere and pastels such as violet and fawn


CANCER bombshells are not known for their prowess in the kitchen but they love to entertain, whether it's bringing home sick animals or inviting over depressed girlfriends.

This sign is the homebody of the zodiac and cancer bombshells such as Pamela Anderson, below, and Jane Russell retreat there when they need to recharge.

Cancer bombshells are likely to be late, not because they are fixing their hair but because they might notice that the crystal needs rearranging or because they suddenly get it into their heads that the Wedgewood china would really look better on that other shelf.

They may appear buoyant and outgoing but are deeply sensitive and easily wounded.

Cancer bombshells love slippery fabrics and are luminous in silver, oyster and grey.

Dangling pearly earrings suit them better than diamonds


COOL and mysterious, Virgo bombshells have a hide-and-go-seek air. They may be maddeningly elusive and it is not always easy to be sure of their affections.

Virgo bombshells such as Lauren Bacall, below, and Claudia Schiffer have something modest and pure about then, even when wearing a low neckline.

Mercurial hues suit them and they can carry off virginal white dresses - fitted, of course - suits in steely blue and sleeveless dresses in silver and deep grey.

They like clean, ethereal perfumes such as Chanel No 19, and will always have a perfect manicure and every hair in place.

When in a casual mood, they favour tailored white shirts and slim blue slacks. When at the beach or roughing it, they might wear a white peasant blouse, which falls revealingly off the shoulders


RULED by Venus, Libra is the ultimate love goddess and most charming of all the signs.

Libra bombshells such as Susan Sarandon, below, and Susan Hayward love beauty, harmony and chocolates and can't bear to be alone.

They have some domestic skill when it comes to decorating, which manifests primarily in the bedroom. They may sew their own curtains or make their own lampshades. They will also take sleeves off dresses, nip in waists, cut off collars. Clothing is always on the snug and sexy side and they love pink.

No one is more grateful for a gift, even if they hate it.

Libra bombshells have an undeserved reputation for laziness when the truth is they simply understand the art of relaxation more than any other sign, loving bubble baths, room sprays, fragrant oils and mood lighting and music.

While other signs might bring soup to an ill friend, their healing involves scented candles and a facial


THIS bombshell is most likely to take up flying, sky diving or scuba diving - anything with a little risk and adventure.

Fresh, open and frank, Scorpio bombshells such as Britney Spears, below, and Maria Callas are the most restless in the zodiac, the least materialistic, and the most athletic.

They spend more time picking out exercise gear than ballgowns and like sleek, clingy, silhouettes.

Sagittarius bombshells will be more charmed by a beautiful poem than flowers - they may secretly write poetry themselves - and be more impressed by your record for a 10k race than your pounds 40k salary.

They are direct and will always tell the truth, whether you can bear to hear it or not. And don't tell them any secrets as they are too guileless to remember they are not supposed to tell.

They are often the life of the party and their idea of a great evening is attending three cocktail parties in one night and then diving into a public fountain


THERE is something elusive and aloof about Aquarius bombshells.

They are not impressed by traditional offerings such as long-stemmed red roses and must be wooed by unconventional gifts.

A vintage copy of her favourite book or a tiny, cute, newfangled camera - they have a weakness for gadgets - is more likely to tickle her fancy.

Aquarius bombshells such as Jennifer Aniston, left, and Zsa Zsa Gabor are honest, altruistic, breezy and off-beat - there's never a dull moment with them around.

They have a way of shocking people without even trying. They might wear an evening gown to the beach or show up with a chimp at the Christmas party.

They favour aquamarine, Pucci and Paisley prints and cobalt and electric blue.

But as they hate being told what to do they might choose a bold fuchsia shade just to be contrary


SCORPIO bombshells are intense and this water sign is far from wishy-washy.

Red and black are their colours and they are not the type to tinker with pastels and flimsy fabrics.

Scorpio bombshells such as Demi Moore, below, and Hedy Lamarr throw themselves into projects with tireless determination and if you say they are not right for a part or a job they will convince you otherwise.

Scorpios are the most bewitching of all bombshells and seem to have a sixth sense about things. Never lie to them as they will see through you.

There's something awe inspiring about their gait. A Scorpio's derriere has a delightful wiggle and seems to be propelled by an invisible force - perhaps her scorpion tail.

Scorpio bombshells are not petty and rise above most injury with haughty majesty - but no other bombshell can compete with their tantrums.

They prefer distinctive perfumes such as Youth Dew, Tabu, Opium to mild florals and while her stone is opal, she appreciates dazzling rubies


NO other bombshell interprets body language more precisely than Capricorns.

They can read volumes into a handshake, a slump, a stride, a look and are virtually impossible to deceive. Their own body language is provocative and no sign can cross their legs with greater poise.

Capricorn bombshells such as Ava Gardner, below, and Julianne Moore consciously strive to overcome their naturally melancholic nature by smiling and laughing a lot. They have an offbeat sense of humour and may be giddy one moment and quite serious the next.

Their sense of style reflects this dual nature. One day they may wear pale blue chiffon, the next a slim, black skirt and tailored shirt. But they wear even the most traditional garb in a stylish, provocative way.

Capricorn bombshells are the most status-conscious of all signs and appreciate quality. They would rather have one cashmere sweater than 20 in mere wool


THERE'S depth beneath the serene exterior of the Pisces bombshell.

They are the most feminine sign and while it is said they have old souls, they are the most childlike and most likely to burst into tears. Old movies and sad stories all get to her.

Pisces bombshells such as Cindy Crawford, below, and Elizabeth Taylor are consummate actresses - they can identify with just about everyone.

They adopt wounded animals, defend the underdog and can forgive anyone almost anything, given enough time.

Ethereal colours such as leafy greens, sea blue, cobalt blue and lavender suits them, while they fade away in pale pink and beige.

Black also suits their sense of melodrama and chic. If in a highly-charged mood, they can carry off red but are better in pastels.

They love sequins and their gem is moonstone but they are not opposed to dazzling diamonds


Icon: Geminis such as Marilyn Monroe are flirtatious and friendly
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