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The board of directors met on February 18, 2015, at the NANB headquarters in Fredericton.

The February 17 meeting day was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Policy Review

The Board reviewed policies related to:

* Ends

* Governance Process

* Executive Limitations

* Board-Executive Director Relationship

Organizational Performance: Monitoring

The Board approved monitoring reports for the Ends policies, the Audited Financial Statement, 2015 Budget and Executive Limitations policies.

Amended Rules: Short-Term Education Courses

The Board approved a rule amendment to provide further clarification to the intent of the rule to enable registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) from other Canadian jurisdictions to participate in clinical practicums related to a short-term course in New Brunswick (e.g., foot care) without having to establish registration in New Brunswick.

By-law Amendment: Fiscal Year

The Board approved a resolution to amend By-law 3.01 to enable the Board to change the date of the fiscal year. The resolution will be presented to membership at the Annual General Meeting in June 2015.

Board of Directors' and Committee Appointments

Board Elections

The Nominating Committee reported on the slate of candidates for election to the positions of president-elect and Directors for regions 2, 4 and 6. Candidate information can be found on page 17.

Results will be communicated following the election using all NANB communications tools. During the 99th Annual General Meeting, June 3, 2015, newly elected directors will be announced with the 2015-2016 Board of Directors.

Public Director Vacancies:

The Board approved the following nominees to be submitted to the Minister of Health to fill a public director position on the Board for a two year term beginning in September 2015.


* Edward Dube, Edmundston, NB

* Joanne Sonier, Tabusintac, NB

* Rebecca Butler, Fredericton, NB

Committee Vacancies:

Nominations are required to replace committee members on the Nursing Education Advisory Committee, the Complaints Committee and the Discipline/Review Committee for two-year terms effective September 2015.

For further information and to submit nominations for consideration, members can refer to the NANB website or 1-800-442-4417.

NANB Awards Selection Committee

The Board appointed the following directors to the NANB Awards Selection Committee:

* Brenda Kinney, RN, President-elect

* Lisa Keirstead Johnson, RN, Director Region 7

* Annie Boudreau, RN, Director Region 6

* Joanne LeBlanc-Chiasson, RN, Director Region 1

* Therese Thompson, RN, Director Region 5

Executive Director Recruitment/ Selection Committee

The Board approved the Executive Committee to act as an Ad Hoc Executive Director Recruitment/ Selection Committee that will review and determine NANB's next executive director at the October 2014 meeting. The Board received and approved an update at this meeting. Recruitment is expected to be completed by the summer of 2015. An executive director position description will be circulated by email and posted on NANB's website later in April.

NANB/NBNU Joint Communication Meeting

The NANB Executive Committee and the NBNU Council met on December 17, 2014. Joint meetings are scheduled biannually to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern.

Change in Dates of Membership Registration Year and Fiscal Year

The Board approved changes to the dates of the membership registration year and the fiscal year from the current calendar year date of January 1-December 31 to the new date of December 1-November 30 beginning in December 2015 for the 2016 registration year.

Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Audit

A report on the Continuing Competence Program Audit, which was conducted in the fall of 2014, was provided to the Board. The purpose of the audit questionnaire is to monitor compliance with the CCP. In 2014, 412 registered nurses and 11 nurse practitioners were randomly selected to be audited. All but one audited member met the CCP requirements. Members who do not meet the requirements are provided with remedial education and support to assist them in meeting the mandatory requirement on an ongoing basis.

New NANB Interest Group

The Board approved a motion to recognize a new interest group called: New Brunswick Nursing Informatics Interest Group (NBNIG) as a special interest group of the Nurses Association of New Brunswick.

NANB Centennial Planning

The Board received a presentation on a tentative draft plan and promotional efforts to engage RNs/NPs in Centennial Planning. A budget and final plan for approval will be presented to Board at the June meeting. As well, NANB will host the CNA Biennium in 2016.

The Board approved an Ad Hoc NANB Centennial and NANB/CNA Biennium Planning Committee.

NANB Documents

The Board approved the following revised documents:


* Approval Review Process: Baccalaureate Nursing Programs in New Brunswick--a revision of Approval of University Nursing Programs in New Brunswick

* Approval Review Process: Nurse Practitioner Programs in New Brunswick--a revision of Approval of Nurse Practitioner Programs in New Brunswick

* Scrutineers' Manual: Section 4--Electronic Voting--an addition to the Scrutineers' Manual as a result of the introduction of electronic voting for Board elections

New Position Statement:

* Electronic Cigarettes and Flavoured Tobacco

All documents and position statements are available on the NANB website or 1-800-442-4417.


The Board of Directors received and reviewed the 2014 Audited Financial Statement which reflected a $26,306 cash surplus. The NANB building has undergone major renovations, including the installation of an elevator supporting improved access, during the past year and is approximately 90% complete with expenditures of $913,156. The Audited Financial Statements will be presented at the 2015 Annual General Meeting. The Board reviewed the 2015 budget. A balanced budget is projected for 2015 in accordance with Board policy. Planned expenditures are approximately $3,882,862 with a surplus of $51,008.

Next Board

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held at the NANB Headquarters on June 1 and 2, 2015, prior to NANB's Annual General Meeting, Awards Banquet and Invitational Forum to occur on June 3 and 4, 2015, at the Delta Hotel Fredericton.

Observers are welcome at all Board of Directors meetings. Please contact Paulette Poirier, Executive Assistant/ Corporate Secretary at or call 506-459-2858/1-800-442-4417.

NANB Board of Directors 2014-2015

President            Darline Cogswell, RN
President-elect      Brenda Kinney, RN
Director, Region 1   Joanne LeBlanc-Chiasson, RN
Director, Region 2   Jillian Ring, RN
Director, Region 3   Amy McLeod, RN
Director, Region 4   Josee Soucy, RN
Director, Region 5   Therese Thompson, RN
Director, Region 6   Annie Boudreau, RN
Director, Region 7   Lisa Keirstead Johnston, RN
Public Director      Fernande Chouinard
Public Director      Wayne Trail
Public Director      Edward Dube
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