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The biology and identification of the coccidia (apicomplexa) of rabbits of the world.


The biology and identification of the coccidia (apicomplexa) of rabbits of the world.

Duszynski, Donald W. and Lee Couch.

Academic Press


340 pages




Duszynski and Couch (both biology, U. of New Mexico-Albuquerque) present what they intend to be the most comprehensive treatise to date on the structure and biology of all species of the Coccidia, the most pervasive group of protist (formerly protozoa) parasites that infect rabbits. The approximately 87 species fit into six genera and three families in the phylum Apicomplexa. Most of the text is devoted to the Eimeriidae family of parasites in various genera of rabbits and the related pikas in the Family Ochotonidae. Other topics include the overarching mammalian Order Lagophorpha; other genera of coccidia in rabbits; and strategies for management, control, and chemotherapy.

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Date:Oct 1, 2013
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