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The best pick for accuracy.

Faster and more accurate order fulfilment operations together with increased customer and employee satisfaction, reduced costs and higher productivity are just a few of the significant benefits provided by the EASYpick[R] Voice order fulfilment system.

Combining a sleek, wearable computer with a state-of-the-art voice recognition engine--powered by technology from Voxware[R]--EASYpick Voice eliminates many of the inefficiencies associated with paper pick lists while significantly increasing picking velocity, accuracy rates, and overall productivity. FKI Logistex has selected the Voxware Integrated Speech Recognition Engine (VISE[TM]), which is specifically designed for use in highly demanding industrial environments and is widely considered the strongest speech recognition engine available. In head-to-head trials, VISE outperformed the competition, delivering the best recognition rates and greatest ease of use for highly demanding industrial settings and multilingual environments.

Utilising speaker dependent technology, each order filler is able to build his or her own custom profile or "voiceprint", which leads to greater accuracy and overall efficiency. Distribution centres and warehouses can be very noisy environments. However, this is not a problem for EASYpick Voice, as the VISE[TM] speech recognition engine allows users to build multiple profiles by sampling fluctuating levels of background and ambient noise across various work zones. Standard noise-cancelling microphones further reduce the chance of work interruption.

Picking errors in order fulfilment operations can be extremely costly, both in terms of customer satisfaction and exorbitant returns processing costs. Even small productivity gains translate to significant savings and improved customer satisfaction. EASYpick Voice increases accuracy and productivity, and enables your operation to spot problems before they become costly.

FKI Logistex has made EASYpick[R] Voice multi-lingual and it supports the simultaneous use of multiple distinct languages.

Contact FKI Logistex on 01536 480 611 or visit

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Title Annotation:packaging
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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