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The best of both indoor and outdoor worlds: a multiuse screened porch.

The best of both indoor and outdoor worlds: a multiuse screened porch

A versatile space, this screened porch letsyou meet the outside world halfway. Garden scents and images mingle in the comfort of a bug-free environment with overhead protection. Added to the rear of a small San Diego bungalow by architect Carl Strona, the porch gives owners Karen Lawrence and Bob Gabhart an inviting place for dining, entertaining, reading, and even balmy-weather sleeping.

Let's walk through it, as if entering fromthe back graden. We proceed through screened doors into the 12-foot-wide porch, where the owners are breakfasting. Above, six clear skylights in the roof decking provide balanced illumination. To our right is a 20-foot-long wall (not visible in the pictures) broken only by a pair of solid doors leading to the driveway. Running just below the ceiling are slender windows that let light in without loss of privacy. This wall joins a rear corner of the house to the garage.

To our left, a glass-block wall steps in,narrowing the room to 8 feet. Behind this wall is the other half of the addition: an extension of a small bathroom. The blocks define the outside of a shower enclosure; lights in the bathroom give the wall a sparkling, faceted glow at night.

Entry to the bathroom is from a hall andthe master bedroom. Before remodeling, it measured 6 by 8 feet. The new 9 1/2-foot-square space includes shower, toilet stall, and a tub that sits in a platform beneath a greenhouse window. The old bath space is now almost a hall: a double-sink counter runs along one side; a shoji-paneled door slides into a pocket built into the wall between the two sections.

Photo: Porch and bathaddition joins rear of house, ties to garage

Photo: Lush green landscape contrasts with crisp glass-block wallin this 9-foot-tall screened porch with slate floors and six 15- by 27-inch skylights. Above, a glass-block wing wall in the bathroom separates the toilet stall from the shower. The tub sits beneath an airy greenhouse window

Photo: Black-and-white accents.of tiled floor, walls, shoji screening, and tub tie new bathroom section (left) with old (above)
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Date:Jul 1, 1987
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