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The best of Sony for the best of unseen Manila.

What makes a good photo? Is it the high-end gadgets and accessories used, a creative eye or maybe some mean editing skills? In today's social and technology-driven world, consumers think it's easy to take a good photo thanks to photo processing applications that are widely available.

However, for the talented and creative duo, Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garovillo of Everywhere We Shoot, a good photo does not need any kind of filter and can be taken without the special accessories. The duo, together with Sony Xperia, shows Filipinos how to take good photos using the gadget of their choice-- Sony Xperia Z1, the best Sony smartphone in the market.

"We were really excited for this campaign especially when we heard that we will be able to get our hands dirty with Xperia Z1. The moment we received the units, we immediately started shooting and noticed right away the difference with our old phones' cameras," mentions Garovillo.

"Our most used setting is the manual setting because we get to control almost exactly how we want the photo to come out. The Xperia Z1 makes you feel like you have a real camera, especially when we turn on the flash, the photos come out with a film-like quality," adds Vergara.

Sony partnered with Ryan and Garovs for a photography project to showcase Xperia Z1's best features and to show consumers how to take good photos even with just a smartphone. The campaign features the duo's talent through photos taken by Xperia Z1. These powerful and creative photos can be found in Everywhere We Shoot's and Sony's social media accounts and inside Sony and Xperia shops.

Featured Photos from EWWS:

To highlight Xperia Z1's Timeshit Burst, EWWS took a photo of an airplane in the sky. This photo captured the plane clearly despite the movement and the distance from where the photo is taken. Timeshift Burst allows users to capture the perfect action shot by taking photos a second before and after pressing the shutter making sure that no moment is missed.

To demonstrate the quality of the camera even in low-light conditions, Ryan and Garovs took evening shots around Bonifacio Global City. The photos taken turned out sharp and bright despite having a not favorable shooting condition.

The duo also played around with the Augmented Reality feature of the Xperia Z1. They had fun with the available animations and chose a dinosaur to depict the heavy traffic caused by the holidays.

Lastly, the couple decided to test the Xperia Z1's waterproof capabilities by dipping it in a faucet and showed to their followers that the phone still works after.

"Everywhere We Shoot is perfect for this project as they can showcase the capabilities of Xperia Z1 creatively. As in-demand photographers, they can also prove that they can shoot photos with the Xperia Z1 that are just as good as those taken with a regular camera. Two of Manila's best talents in arts and photography only deserve the best from Sony," explains Assistant Manager for Mobile Communications Vincent dela Cruz.

To check out their Xperia Z1 captured photos, you may visit Everywhere We Shoot's social media accounts: and and search for the EWSxZ1 hashtag.


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Title Annotation:Tech Lifestyle
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Jan 15, 2014
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