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The best government money can buy.


The Best Government Money Can Buy

Industry               $1.50 billion
contributions to all
U.S. federal and
state candidates,

Contributions to all   $2.69 billion
candidates, 2008 (a
presidential election

Total spent to lobby   $1.44 billion
the U.S. Congress and
federal agencies,

Total, 2008            $3.30 billion
Spending on lobbying   $92 million
by the U.S. Chamber
of Commerce (ranked
first among
organizations or
corporations), 2008

By ExxonMobil          $29 million

By AARP (formerly      $28 million
American Association
of Retired Persons)

By PG&E Corporation    $27 million
(California utility)

By Northrop Grumman    $21 million

Spending by the        $487 million
health sector (first
among all sectors),

By "miscellaneous      $469 million
businesses" (second)

By finance,            $460 million
insurance, and real
estate (third)

By energy and natural  $387 million
resources (fourth)

By communications and  $377 million
electronics (fifth)

Total number of        10,405
registered U.S.
lobbyists, 1998

Total number, 2008     14,443

Total number of        536
members of Congress
(Senate and House of

Number of lobbyists    27
for every member,

SOURCES: Contribution to candidates: National Institute on Money in
State Politics. Other data: Center for Responsive Politics.
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