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The benefits of window dressing; INTERIORS.

IT can be fiddly and frustrating to fit, but frosted window film gives a smart, contemporary finish both inside and out. The effect is the same in daylight and at night when the light's on in a room, giving you total privacy.

The disadvantage is that you can't see through the film, so, while people outside can't see in, you can't see out either. Frosted film works well on sash windows when confined to the lower window, but if you don't have sashes, you can just frost the lower part of the glass.

Another option is having a design, such as rows of cut-out circles or squares, incorporated into the film, which makes it more interesting and allows you to see out (and people outside to see in) a little. However, patterned film is more expensive and harder to fit than plain.

Blinds are another popular solution to privacy problems. Although quite costly, bottom-up blinds are ideal. These are roller blinds that go up from the window sill, rather than down from the top of the window, so you can cover as much of the glass as you want.

Go for a sheer fabric and you'll be able to see out, but people outside won't be able to see in - unless the light is on.

If you want a cheaper option, standard roller blinds will fit the bill, but even a fairly see-through white or cream fabric will cut out light if you have the blinds down during the day.However, this may not matter in a really light and sunny room, and may even make the room more pleasant to be in when it's ep hot and sunny.

Venetian blinds are a classic privacy provider - angle the slats by day and close them at night - although they do cut out some daylight. If you have small children, consider Swish Cordless metal Venetian blinds (from PS25 for silver, John Lewis), which are safer because they don't have dangling cords, and give the window an uncluttered look.

Slatted shutters are similar to Venetian blinds and, although they are usually expensive, have become popular in recent years. Shutters are fitted to the window and so block out more light than blinds when the slats are closed (if the shutters cover the whole window). They also let in less light when the slats are open because they have frames around them, but they do look great.

Shutters come in different colours, materials, styles and sizes, so you can customise them to your taste and home - and they should also add value.


A clear window is great for letting in light but most of us need privacy and blinds are just one of the many possiblities on offer

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