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The bees needs.


Twelve-year-old Sebastian Wright is concerned about the decimation of honeybees in North America. He is so concerned that he established the Milton's Billion Backyard Bee Project, an ambitious endeavor placing beehives throughout his hometown of Milton, Mass, that will eventually house one billion bees.

Upkeep of a beehive costs almost $ 1,000 a year, so when officials at the Fruit Center Marketplace in Milton found out about Wright's project they decided to sponsor a hive. "We gave a donation to purchase a beehive which has been installed at the New England Base Camp community center," says Michael Dwyer, marketing director at Milton-based Fruit Center Marketplace. "We wanted to support a young person who was so entrepreneurial and wanted to do something for the community. With bees being so essential to agriculture it just made sense from our standpoint because we make our living on food and selling produce."

The hive was established in mid-June with 30,000 bees and will house about 80,000 bees when it is fully established. Fruit Center Marketplace hopes to support the hive on an ongoing basis for years to come, Dwyer says. The store has been promoting its sponsorship through its website, via emails and on social media.

An extra sweet spot for Fruit Center Marketplace is that the store may eventually be able to sell truly private label artisan honey.

"Depending on the volume, we certainly will look into offering the honey for sale at Fruit Center Marketplace," Dwyer says. "Our partner restaurant on our second floor, The Plate, has been selling Sebastians honey for at least two years now and uses it in their recipes when they can."

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Author:Turcsik, Richard
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Sep 1, 2016
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