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The beer buckle.

As a recent college grad from South Texas, Jay Kriner found himself carousing many a night with nary a place to put his beer. "I would always rest my bottle on my belt buckle," he said. Inspiration struck when Kriner realized a built-in shelf with a drink holder would in fact be a better belt buckle, and he went to work.


"I studied a little bit of engineering in college, but I actually designed the blue-prints on Microsoft Paint," he said. "It's pretty basic geometry."

The result: The flashy star-and-pistol-clad buckle folds down into a shelf, and a spring-loaded ring pops up to accommodate the wearer's can or bottle. (Magnets hold it up in between beers.) Kriner debuted his invention at last October's Great American Beer Fest and got a great reaction from both drinkers and brewers interested in their own private-label buckles.

"I just about sold out of what I produced. We have a lot of local support," $25 retail.

Made by the Beer Clothing Co., Central City,

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Author:Peterson, Eric
Date:Jan 1, 2009
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