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The be all and Endal.

HE can use a cashpoint, shop in a supermarket and buy Lottery tickets.

And yesterday loyal labrador Endal was rewarded with the ultimate accolade after he was named Dog of the Millennium.

The devoted pet performs vital everyday tasks for his disabled owner, Gulf War veteran Allen Parton.

Former sailor Allen, 40, who served in the Royal Navy, was paralysed from the waist down after a car accident during the conflict in Iraq eight years ago left him with brain damage.

Now confined to a wheelchair, he relies on his four-legged friend to carry out most of his daily chores.

Allen, of Clanfield, Hampshire, said yesterday: "Endal has changed my life.

"He helps me with everything from shopping to household chores - he even lifts the toilet seat for me.

"When I got Endal, it was like all my birthdays had come together. It is unbelievable what this dog can do.

"People look amazed when Endal jumps up and takes the money from the cash point in his mouth.

"He stands on his back legs while I press the buttons and then he takes the money out when it is delivered."

As well as shopping in the local supermarket, Endal also buys Allen's weekly lottery tickets.

Allen explained: "I write out my lottery entry form and give it to Endal.

"Endal then takes it in his mouth to the counter and is given a lottery ticket."

The yellow labrador was trained by Hampshire-based charity Canine Partners for Independence and was chosen from 3000 entrants by novelist Jilly Cooper as winner in a competition run by Dogs Today magazine.
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Author:Hardaker, Paul
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 3, 1999
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