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The battles of the British Expeditionary Forces, 1914-1915; historiography and annotated bibliography.


The battles of the British Expeditionary Forces, 1914-1915; historiography and annotated bibliography.

Hartesveldt, Fred R. van.



195 pages



Bibliographies of battles and leaders; no.25


According to Hartesveldt (Ph.D., history, Auburn U.), the British Expeditionary Force played a significant role in the first eighteen months of World War I. In this work, a volume in the Bibliographies of Battles and Leaders series, he provides a historiographical essay describing the major debates of historians about the B.E.F. during this period and highlighting references to the more important scholarly contribution to the debate. He then presents an annotated bibliography, presented in standard format, intended to cover all significant studies on the B.E.F. during the opening months of the war.

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