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The basic kicks.

Inside Kick:

Use when the footbag falls low and between your shoulders. Turn your instep and ankle upwards. Make a fiat striking surface using the side of your foot, between your toes and your heel. Kick the footbag when it is around knee level.

Outside Kick:

Use when the footbag falls outside either shoulder. Use the outside part of your foot, between the toes and heel.

Back Kick:

Use when the footbag is going toward your upper body or over your head. The kick is like the outside kick, but you must turn your hips and body.

Knee Kick:

Lift your knee straight up to hit the footbag with your thigh. Use this to set up the footbag for an inside kick.

Toe Kick:

Use this as a "save" when the other kicks can't be used. The top of your foot or toes becomes the striking surface.

You can even play footbag alone! Just see how many times you can kick the footbag without letting it hit the ground. Play with a pal, and see how many times you can pass it back and forth. The world's record is 63,326 passes between two players. It took almost nine hours to set this record!
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