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The bard with a different accent.

From Stratford-on-Avon to the Amazon rain forest--anyone who doubted that Shakespearean plays were timeless and universal should visit Festival Latino 1991 in New York's Central Park. This year the Festival's theater component is closely linked to Joseph Papp's free Shakespeare in the Park program. Together with Papp, Oscar Ciccone and Cecilia Vega, directors of Festival Latino, have created the appropriately titled Shakespeare for Everyone.

The theatrical performances began in June with the celebrated actors Raul Julia and Christopher Walken in an English performance of Othello. In August the Brazilian group, Ornitorrinco, directed by Caca Rosset, performed a tropical adaptation of Shakespeare's erotic comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream (Sonho de Uma Noite de Verao) in Portuguese. Set in the Amazon rain forest, this production spotlights the realities and consequences of deforestation by modern society. Festival performances continue through September 8th with the Spanish language production of The Tempest (La Tempestad) by Compania Rajatabla of Venezuela. Adapted by Ugo Ulive, this symbolic version of Shakespeare's classic play examines civilization's ravaging effects on nature. Rajatabla is celebrating its twenty-fifth year under founder and director Carlos Gimenez.

The Festival Latino's popular film program continues this year, from August 15 to 30, with over two dozen new features in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian in competition for the Mano de Bronce prize. Screenings include the work of a number of distinguished Latin American film directors such as Carlos Diegues of Brazil with Dias Mejores Vendran (Better Days Ahead), Silvio Caiozzi of Chile with La Luna en el Espejo (The Moon in the Mirror) and Maria Novaro of Mexico with Danzon. The competition will be judged by Colombian director Jorge Ali Triana, actress Elizabeth PEna and actor/director Cheech Marin.

A special session of the film festival will include a showing of films from the Caribbean and the West Indies, a tribute to singer/actress Imperio Argentina and a series on trends in the Mexican cinema. Organizers of the festival have invited acclaimed Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez to preside over the opening ceremonies.
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Title Annotation:'Shakespeare for Everyone' program at the Festival Latino in New York's Central Park
Author:Goethals, Henry
Publication:Americas (English Edition)
Date:May 1, 1991
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