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The banana man.

You might say Ken Bannister has gone bananas over bananas. He's the founder of the International Banana Club. But don't call him the president of the group. Instead, he prefers to be known simply as the "Top Banana."

Everyone knows that the banana is a great-tasting, nutritious fruit. But Ken Bannister believes that the banana is more than that--it's also the world's funniest fruit!

The Banana Club is dedicated to "influencing more smiles and exercising one's sense of humor." There are no rules, regulations, or requirements for club membership. No one has to attend meetings. And members get to make up their own titles, like R.B. (Road Banana), R.R.B. (Real Ripe Banana), or L.B.B. (Little Bitty Banana). Top Banana Ken Bannister (also known as Ken Bananister) says, "Titles are important, and here you get one you have always wanted."

In 1975, Ken opened up the world's only Banana Museum. It's located in Altadena, California, and contains more than 17,000 banana-related items! Banana Club members can earn "Banana Merits" by sending "anything to do with bananas" to the museum.

Ken Bannister believes in the power of a positive attitude and a smile. He believes that "in a world gone bananas, we can all use a good laugh. Since its beginning, the International Banana Club has attracted more than 9,000 members from twenty-three countries. "This is my contribution to the world, to get people to smile more often," explains the Top Banana.
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Title Annotation:Ken Bannister, founder of the International Banana Club, works to preserve the banana
Publication:U.S. Kids
Date:Jun 1, 1997
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