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The back to school puzzle.

Hi! Welcome back to school. Summer is over and now it is time for all the fun activities we enjoy at school--and we learn a lot at the same time!

Make this back to school puzzle and you will stretch your mind. It is a real brain teaser.

Begin by cutting out three pieces of poster board, 4 x 4-1/4 inches. Make a photo copy of the "BACK TO SCHOOL" diagram (figure 1) above and paste that onto piece 1. Then, ask an adult to cut out the inside square with a razor knife, leaving a frame. Paste the frame onto piece 2 and ask the adult to cut out the inside square once again. Now paste this double frame onto piece 3, which makes a back to the frame.


Make a photo copy of the back to school picture (figure 2) and paste it to another piece of poster board. Trim away the extra poster board and carefully cut the picture into 9 small squares. Throw away the solid black square. The 8 pieces that are left are your puzzle pieces (figure 3).


Cut the picture into nine Pieces and throw away the black piece.

Place these pieces inside the frame as shown in figure 4. Notice that there is an empty square in the center. Now the challenge is to slide the pieces around without taking them out until you get the picture like it appears in figure 2. Every time you slide a piece into an open space a new space opens. For example, if you move the boy's head into the center open space, the space where the boy's head was is now open, and you can slide the piece from above or the piece from below into that new space. If you have trouble, ask an adult to show you how to solve the puzzle. Then, take the pieces out and put them back as shown in figure 4. Now do the puzzle again. You can also start with the pieces as shown in figures 5, 6 and 7. Try other combinations, but some might be very difficult and even impossible to work.


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