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The arrogance of Catholic "gays".

St. Paul, MN--The Rainbow Sash Alliance, a group of Catholic homosexuals and their friends, have in the past garnered support from certain members of the U.S. hierarchy, notably Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles, Archbishop Harry Flynn of St. Paul-Minneapolis, and Bishop Matthew Clark of Rochester NY. The aim of the movement, which originated in Melbourne, Australia, in 1988, is to bully the Church into changing its teaching on the immorality of homosexual acts. Its members wear the multi-coloured sashes proclaiming their allegiance as they go forward to receive Communion--to which they consider themselves entitled.

On June 6, 2004, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago issued a statement that cited the U.S. Bishops' policy: Communion would be refused "to anyone who used its reception as an occasion to protest against the Church's teaching." Likewise, in an EWTN interview on February 11, 2005, Cardinal Francis Arinze emphasized that rainbow sash activists were not to receive communion. Cardinal Arinze is the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Earlier, Cardinals in Australia, England, New York, and Spain had taken similar steps.

The regular occasion for sash protests has been the feast of Pentecost, commemorating the descent of the Holy Apostles. In Los Angeles this year an archdiocesan spokesman assured the group that they were welcome at Mass, with no mention of sashes. Operating in a city and state where "gay rights" are very established, even dominant, and reassured by the "warm welcome," the L.A. crowd removed their sashes. In Rochester, despite resistance by some parishioners, sash-wearers received communion. There was no statement from the diocese.

However, in St. Paul, in part as a reaction to the election of Benedict XVI labeled by them as an "aggressive homophobe," the Rainbow Sash Alliance mounted hostile demonstrations. Previously, Archbishop Flynn had been very lenient towards "gay" demands, allowing the wearing of sashes during Eucharistic reception, apparently because he had been assured by the local sash-movement organizer that they did not deny Church teaching! The RSA, however, have never made a secret of their opposition to Church teaching in that matter.

Having received notification from the Vatican on this point, the Archbishop at last decided to bring his archdiocese into line with the Magisterium. However, he felt it incumbent on himself to write an apologetic letter to RSA leader, Brian McNeill, requesting he not "create further disruption" by using the sash-wearing as a protest against Church teaching. The Archbishop explained that sashes must be removed before Communion was received.

The RSA members however, wore their sashes anyway and, consequently, were denied the Eucharist (the officiating priest did offer them a blessing!). As part of their aggressive protest, some "gays" grabbed hosts from Extraordinary Ministers and distributed them among themselves, thus committing the sin of sacrilege as well. Others remained standing with cupped hands, expressing obstinately their continued demand to receive the sacrament. (LifeSite News February 16, 2005, May 3, 2005/ Associated Press/ National Catholic Register, May 15, 2005)
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