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The army goes rolling along ...

I want to begin this note by wishing each of you and your families the very best wishes for a prosperous 2003. Dental Assistants from the United States Army continue to uphold the values and traditions of our great Army and Country. Today our Dental Assistants are supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and other missions related to homeland security. This past year has shown us that we are not "just dental assistants, supply sergeants or personnel specialists". Each one of us are soldiers first. When duty calls, our Dental Assistants are on point, trained and ready to perform our mission. Today you can find our soldiers deployed throughout the world protecting our freedom and way of life.

I would like to personally thank each ADAA member who sent Christmas cards to our soldiers in Korea during the holidays. We received over 200 cards from ADAA members throughout the United States. This made Christmas a little more special for our soldiers away from home. Hooah!
SGM Stephen E. Spadaro,
United States Army
Dental Command
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Title Annotation:United States Amermy Dental Command
Author:Spadaro, Stephen E.
Publication:The Dental Assistant
Article Type:Column
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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