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The ancient Egyptian pyramid texts.


The ancient Egyptian pyramid texts.

Pyramid texts. Ed. by Peter Der Manuelian. Trans. by James P. Allen.

Brill Academic Publishers


471 pages



Writings from the ancient world; Society of Biblical Literature; no.23


At the end of the Old Kingdom, about 2300-2100 BC, explains Allen, the walls of the inner chambers and corridors of ancient Egyptian pyramids were inscribed with a series of ritual and magical spells. Known to modern scholarship as the Pyramid Texts, they constitute the oldest body of Egyptian religious writings, and because they are usually literary in form and language, are also the oldest representatives of Egyptian literature. He translates the texts found in the pyramids of Unis, Teti (partial), Pepi I, Merenre (partial), Pepi II, and Neith, presenting each corpus in the order that current research indicates it was meant to be read. The hardbound edition is published by Brill; the paperbound edition is published by the Society of Biblical Literature (978-1-58983-182-7).

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