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The airgun review.

The economic slump of 1991 undoubtedly had an adverse effect upon most of the firearms industry, but in the area of airguns the overall picture was significantly different.

Practically all domestic airgun manufacturers and importers have indicated that 1991 was a surprisingly good year for sales. Apparently the inherent economic advantages of recreational shooting with airguns have become more apparent to a growing segment of the shooting public.

It seems clear by the extensive lineup of new airguns unveiled this year that the airgun industry is optimistic about 1992 as well. For more information about these products, circle the appropriate number on the Reader Service card in the back of the magazine.


Besides importing and distributing the superb Air Arms line of pre-charged pneumatic rifles from England, this company in Elmira, N.Y., has also picked up several top models from BSA, such as the elegant Superstar, a powerful, underlever-cocking rifle.

Still a top seller for ARS is the potent AR6 pre-charged pneumatic rifle from South Korea. A pistol version of the AR6 that can develop muzzle energy of 30 ft/lbs is in the pipeline as well. For more information circle 414.


This Miami, Fla.,-based company's product line includes a selection of economy-priced spring-piston airguns from various countries. Their top airgun model is the 301, a target-style air pistol made in France by Manu-Arm.

Three additional air pistol models -- one from England and two from Argentina -- as well as two nifty break-barrel rifles from Argentina make up the rest of the Armsport airgun lineup.

There is also a fairly wide variety of pellets from L.J. Cammell in England imported by Armsport. For more information-circle 415.


Without question, the largest selection of new adult airguns this year has been introduced by Beeman of Santa Rosa, Calif. Dr. Beeman indicated that his company was unveiling a total of 17 new models for 1992.

Among this huge array of new air and C02 guns there are several pre-charged pneumatic rifles and two pistols from England, along with two of the superb Theoben gas-ram rifles. The latter have been renamed the Beeman Classic Magnum and the super hot Beeman Crow-Magnum, capable of reaching over 30 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

Beeman is also adding two new Fernwerkbau pistols, the single-pump pneumatic Model 102 and the C02 Model C-25.

Beeman also offers a complete dealer program that's worth looking onto if you're interested in profiting from the adult airgun market. For more information circle 416.


This pioneer manufacturer of American pneumatic guns of Racine, Wis., made big news when the announcement was made that the company would be bought by none other than the Crosman Corporation, one of Benjamin's long-time competitors. Fear not, however, all indications are that the traditional Benjamin/Sheridan line of pellet rifles and pistols will continue in full production at the Racine plant.

The only new product from Benjamin/Sheridan this year is the VM68-Magnum, a .68 caliber, semiauto paintball gun with some impressive features. Benjamin has been a leader in the paintball field for years. For more information circle 417.


Crosman, based in East Bloomfield, N.Y., this year unveiled a new C02 pistol, the Model 1008 Repeat Air. This is an almost exact replica of the 10mm S&W autoloader.

The .177 caliber 1008 features a novel eight-shot, rotary pellet magazine, rifled barrel, single/double-action operation and a muzzle velocity of up to 400 fps. For more information circle 418.


Rogers, Ark.-based Daisy is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their tremendously popular Power Line 880 multi-pump pneumatic rifle. To mark the event, Daisy is offering a Limited Edition of that versatile rifle featuring a tunnel front sight and a gold-accented, engraved receiver.

Daisy is also reintroducing an old favorite, the Model 1894 BB repeating carbine. For more information circle 419.


Besides being the exclusive importer and distributor of adult airguns from Diana, one of Germany's leading airgun manufacturers, Dynamit Nobel-RWS of Closter, N.J., is also distributing a wide variety of airguns from the Spanish firm El Gamo.

This year, they have added three new Gamo models, the AF-10 pistol, the Hunter 440 Magnum rifle, and the Expo 2000 rifle. Both rifles are break-barrel, spring-piston models with the Hunter 440 reaching a hot 1,000 fps in .177 caliber while the Expo 2000 is billed as a beginner's model of moderate power.

The AF-10 pistol, which looks like some of the currently popular combat autoloaders, is a single-pump pneumatic repeater with capacity for 15 4.5mm lead balls, a rifled barrel and a muzzle velocity of 430 fps. This trim fun-gun can also shoot .177 pellets as a single-shot.

Dynamit Nobel-RWS has a strict policy of no direct sales to the public, only to dealers. For more information circle 420.


For 1992, GFR of Andover, N.H., is introducing the GZ Series 2000 paintball gun. This lethal-looking .68 caliber, double-action-only, semiauto pistol is available with a choice of 12-gram C02 Quick Change system and/or 7 oz. constant air.

If you carry paintball guns in your shop, you definitely should consider the GZ Series 2000, as well as the more economical, entry-level Series 1000. For more information circle 42 1.


Interarms, in Alexandria, Va., is the exclusive importer of the Walther line of match airguns. The latest entries include the Walther Model LPM-1 pistol and the Model LGM-1 rifle. Both are world-class competition models featuring the single-stroke pneumatic system. For more information circle 422.


One of the "big four" in American airgun production, Marksman of Huntington Beach, Calif., has also become a major importer of adult spring-piston guns in recent years.

For decades Marksman's most famous gun has been the 1010 air pistol, a budget-priced BB repeater patterned after the Colt Model 191 1 autoloader.

For 1992, Marksman has introduced a jazzed-up version of the 1010, dubbed the 1015 Special Edition. It features an extended, rifled barrel with porting that gives this model the look of a custom-built combat match handgun. Its velocity has also been boosted from 200 to 230 fps. For more information circle 423.


This new company in Cerritos, Calif., is bringing out a new version of a classic C02 rifle. The Sportsman QB77, as the gun is called, is an updated version of the Crosman 167, an immensely popular single-shot pellet rifle dating back to the 1960s.

The QB77 comes in .177 caliber and is made in China to exacting standards of workmanship and finish. In addition, the valving system was designed by Tim McMurray, well known for his extensive work in the field Of C02 guns.

Top muzzle velocity for the Standard is given at 650 fps; the Deluxe reportedly will produce 750 fps. For more information circle 424.


The manufacturer of the Airrow series of C02 and compressed air arrow guns is currently gearing up to produce a new version of this amazing gun. This upgraded version of the A-8S Stealth features a brand new pneumatic trigger assembly that improves dramatically its already impressive performance.

In addition, the company is finishing work on a model capable of fifing pellets through a rifled barrel. Testing has been done in .177, .22, .25, and .38 calibers and it appears likely that the .25 caliber version will be the one marketed initially. For more information circle 425.
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