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The advocate poll.

Q: Has the word "faggot"--the new f word--become as verboten as the n word?

How readers responded to the poll question featured in the March 13 issue of The Advocate

* "Maybe on television, but not really in other places. I have taught for several years in middle and high schools, and I hear the word on a daily basis."

* "To me, it's the most denigrating gay epithet there is."

* "While I think the word faggot is repulsive-and its use deserves scorn--I just don't think it rises to the same hateful level as the n word."

* "I am an out black man and I have been called 'faggot' so many times it could be my name. I hate the word. And I hate people who use it."

* "No. In fact those who are the target of the n word are usually the first to use the f word."

* "I'm not sure either word has become forbidden."

* "The f word has a certain stigma attached to it in some circles, but it does not carry anything like the opprobrium of the n word."

* "It's Gore Vidal's favorite word for us."

* "Faggot is not a 'playground' word. It is meant to be used hurtfully and has no place in our society today."
unsure 6%
yes 53%
no 41%

Note: table made from pie chart.
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Title Annotation:FROM THE READERS
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Apr 10, 2007
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