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The action word.

A Taco Bell ad flashes on TV, and you have an instant craving. If that's the only thing that gets you off the couch, time to jog on over to your PC and go to, a site made to get kids movin'. We like the How-To page, which shows step-by-steps for bike and skate tricks. Break out your board and learn the Rock to Fakie, Pop Shuvit or Noseslide. No stick? Gather your gang for a game of VERB Toss, Pig Ball or Run Around. Locate horseback riding lessons, hiking trails or yoga classes in your area. If you track your activity level on My VERB Recorder, you're automatically entered in contests with very cool prizes. Won't you look sweet cruisin' down the street on a new bike?
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Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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