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The World History Shelf.

Civilizing The Wilderness

A. A. Den Otter

University of Alberta Press

Ring House 2

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E1

9780888645463, $49.95,

A collection of nine informed and informative essays by A. A. Den Otter (Professor Emeritus of History, Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada), "Civilizing the Wilderness: Culture and Nature in Pre-Confederation Canada and Rupert's Land" is an 520-page compendium focusing on the concepts 'civilizing' and 'wilderness' within the historical context of Euro-British North America in the 1850s. Professor den Otter persuasively maintains that these two fundamental concepts meant something quite different today than they did some 150 years ago. Of special note is the offering of a new perspective on the relationship between European settlers and Native aboriginal peoples. Historians and non-specialists with an interest in western Canadian native, settler, and environmental-economic history will be deeply rewarded by reading Civilizing the Wilderness. Enhanced with the inclusion of an extensive bibliography, footnotes, and a comprehensive index, "Civilizing The Wilderness" is an erudite and impressive work of seminal scholarship making it very highly recommended for academic library Canadian History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Discovering Central Asia

University of Montana Press

c/o Farcountry Press

PO Box 5630, Helena, MT 59604

9780981576060, $35.00,

The vast plains and steppes of Central Asia have linked the ancient worlds of Europe and Asia for thousands of years. "Discovering Central Asia: An Introduction to its History, Culture, eography, and Politics" discusses this long standing region that spreads from traditional Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Iran to the Pacific with Mongolia and China. Within, the history of the Silk Road is discussion, its environment and climate, the culture that unites them and much more. Presented with full color photographs, maps, and graphs, "Discovering Central Asia" is a strong addition to world history and cultures collections.

The Last Kings of Norse America

Robert G. Johnson & Janey Westin

Beaver's Pond Press

7108 Ohms Lane

Edina, MN 55439

9781592984190, $29.95,

The story of Viking contact with North America are known, but the extent of this contact is not entirely understood. "The Last Kings of Norse America: Runestone Keys to a Lost Empire" centers around an epic poem transcribed on a poem surrounding a tablet found off the coast of Maine, dated 1362, found in 1971. Robert G. Johnson & Janey Westin dig deeper into this discovery, trying to uncover the lost history of Norsemen establishing a Kingdom on the North American continent, what happened, and an expansive look into pre-Columbus America. "The Last Kings of Norse America" is a strong pick for world history collections, especially those focused on North America and Scandinavia.

A Labyrinth of Kingdoms

Steve Kemper

W. W. Norton & Company

500 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10110

9780393079661, $28.95,

There are many figures of history who have faded into legend. "A Labyrinth of Kingdoms: 10,000 Miles Through Islamic Africa" discusses the journals of Heinrich Barth, an explorer who traveled through North and Central Africa's Islamic regions n 1850. His long journey was his capturing of a European view of the region before the conflicts that forever changed it. Lost to history due to challenging per-conceived notions about Africa, "A Labyrinth of Kingdoms" is an enticing read of history and anthropology, very much recommended reading.

Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court

Robert Hardman

Pegasus Books

80 Broad Street,5th Floor

New York, NY 10004

9781605983615, $27.95,

The British Nobility no longer holds the absolute power it once had, but it is still a notion of pride for many of the United Kingdom. "Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court" discusses the modern purpose of the British Monarchy, focusing on the Queen, Elizabeth II who has held a major role in international politics across her approaching seven decades on the throne, proving to be quite the reformer and allowing many advancements for the political systems of the United Kingdom. "Her Majesty" is an insightful and intellectual discussion of the monarchy and its place in today's world, highly recommended.

Brothers in Arms

Chris Schoeman

Zebra Books

c'o Kensington Publishing Corp.

119 West 40th Street. Floor 21

New York, NY 10018-2522

978177022340, $28.95, www.kensmgtoubooks.coni

To fight a war that is not your own is quite the decision. "Brothers in Arms: Hollanders in the Anglo-Boer War" discusses the Dutch and Holland expatriates who traveled to Africa to join the Beers in common ancestry and join the battle against the British during this territorial conflict. Touching on the individuals who j oined the fight, their personal stories in the c onflict, in addition to general biographies. A look at the soldier in turn of the century warfare, "Brothers in Arms" is a strong pick for history and biography collections, enthusiastically recommended.

A Bride for the Tsar

Russell E. Martin

Northern Illinois University Press

2280 Bethany Road

DeKalb,IL 60115

978087 58044S4, $48.00,

To be chosen as a wife of the tsar was to be elevated to luxury and power. "A Bride for the Tsar: Bride-Shows and Marriage Politics in Early Modem Russia" discusses the marriage methods of Tsarist Russia, founded on the ritual of the bride-show. Women from across Russia were gathered to Moscow and presented to potentially be chosen. The women were froni all ranks of the aristocracy, and the bride show impacted the power balances of the country - and the Tsardom was not as absolute as some once thought. "A Bride for the Tsar" is a strong pick for world history collections, and especially those with a focus on Russian history.

Liberty is Dead.

Margaret E. Deny, editor

Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Wilfrid Laurier University

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. X2L 3C5

9781554580538, $24.95,

The rise and power of the Third Reich fascinates us. even today. "Liberty is Dead.: A C anadian in Germany, 193S" explores the work of the work of Franklin Wellington Wegenast, who took many nips throughout Europe, his final trip being on the eve of the second World War, discussing the people of Germany and the rapid changes in Germany and European society as a whole. "Liberty is Dead." is an excellent and core addition to community library history and World War II collections.

The Eitingons

Mary-Kay Wihners


20 Jay Street. 10th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201-8346

9781844679003, $24.95,

Some families grow vast, brushing up against the many legends of their era. "The Eitingons: A Twentieth-Century Story" is a compilation of history as Mary-Kay Wilmers presents a study of a family which had connections to many events in the first half of the twentieth century. KGB Assassins, heads of fur empires, connections to legends of their fields and strong notoriety in their own rights. "The Eitingons" is a must for its unique perspective of early twentieth century history, highly recommended.
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