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The War for the Golan Heights.

Col. Avigdor Ben-Gal drove along the cease-fire line in his halftrack and scanned the Syrian plain. There was a large army out there, much larger than he had ever seen the Syrians deploy. Camouflage netting cloaked hundreds of tanks and artillery pieces spread over the terrain like stacks of hay at harvest time. Nothing was stirring. It was noon on Yom Kippur, 1973.

Ben-Gal, commander of the Seventh Armored Brigade, had for the past 10 days been dispatching units piecemeal up to the Golan from their training grounds in Sinai as the General Staff ratcheted up its assessment of the perceived threat from Syria. The brigade's last tanks were at this moment making the steep ascent from the Jordan River.

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Author:Rabinovich, Abraham
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:May 8, 2019
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