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The Walt Disney Years Part One: DISNEY'S COMIC GANG.

The Mickey Mouse Club has millions of members, but he isn't the only Disney character with a loyal following. Here's a run-down of the Famous Five:


He made his debut in a silent cartoon short called Plane Crazy in 1928. His fame was cemented when he appeared in Disney's first "toon-talkie", Steamboat Willie. Walt Disney himself provided Mickey with his voice. He went on to appear in more than 120 cartoons, though his feature-length debut wasn't until 1940's Fantasia.


Mickey's female counterpart first appeared in Steamboat Willie, when she was voiced by one of the workers from the Disney ink and paints department. She went on to appear with Mickey and his pet pup Pluto in 73 films. Minnie's relationship with Mickey was believed to be that of girlfriend, though Disney wrote in 1933 that they were married.


Disney's most famous character after Mickey, Donald was first seen in the 1934 short, The Wise Little Hen. Donald is always losing his temper at the antics of his three mischievous nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. Donald was almost married off to Daisy in 1954's Donald's Diary, but he panicked at the last minute and decided to run off and join the Foreign Legion instead. Wise move, Donald.


First appeared in cartoons in 1932 and was known as Dippy Dawg before officially becoming known as Goofy in Orphan's Benefit. Originally part of the gang that included Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Clarebelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar, Goofy can talk and walk upright like a human.


Mickey's faithful and over-enthusiastic puppy was known in his first two cartoons as Rover and Pal. He adopted the name Pluto the Pup in the 1931 short, The Moose Hunt. Pluto has had two romantic interests over the years with canine sweethearts Dinah and Fifi.
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Date:Nov 24, 2001
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