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The Use of the Computer in Developing L2 Reading Comprehension: Literature Review and Its Implications.

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Historically, in the educational field, numerous efforts have been made to facilitate the complex process of second language (L2) reading comprehension. While computers are increasingly being used for instruction for L2 reading, there is not yet a solid understanding of how this technology can be effectively used in the area of L2 reading instruction. This study examines the effect of the computer on developing L2 reading comprehension. To this end, the study reviews relevant empirical studies conducted both in L1 and L2 contexts. Although some studies reported contradictory findings, previous research has generally supported the notion that computer-assisted reading programs facilitate L2 reading comprehension. Several advantages of using the computer for enhancing reading comprehension have been identified, for example, facilitating automatic word recognition and vocabulary acquisition, providing multimedia glossing, strengthening the benefits of reading strategy training, and stimulating student motivation toward reading. The literature review also points out the need for reading software incorporating sound theoretical principles of the reading process. Reflecting the need, this study establishes practical guidelines for designing and evaluating reading software on the basis of interactive processing theory, which is currently one of the most prevalent reading theories. (Contains 49 references.) (Author)

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Author:Kim, Myonghee
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Sep 27, 2002
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