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The Usborne Introduction to Archaeology: Internet-Linked.

The Usborne Introduction To Archaeology: Internet-Linked

Abigail Wheatley & Struan Reid

Usborne/EDC Publishing

PO Box 470663, Tulsa, OK 470663

0794508065 $19.95 1-800-475-4522

Expertly edited by Jane Chisholm, The Usborne Introduction To Archaeology: Internet-Linked is co-authored by Abigail Wheatley and Struan Reid with the assistance of archaeology consultants Timothy Taylor and Norah Moloney. Beautifully illustrated throughout by John Woodcock and Ian McNee, The Usborne Introduction To Archaeology: Internet-Linked ably provides young readers with an ideal introduction into all aspects of archaeology including techniques, sites and finds. With the provision of numerous and thematically appropriate links to websites, children can enjoy and learn from virtual activities and tours. From unwrapping a virtual mummy, to deciphering ancient writings, to reconstructions of ancient buildings and artifacts, young readers will find The Usborne Introduction To Archaeology: Internet-Linked to be fun, informative, and provide hours upon hours of educational experiences. It should be noted that a computer or having computer access is not essential because as a reference resource on the subject of archaeology, this book is complete and self-contained. Ideal as a classroom curriculum supplement, homeschooling, or just as an afternoon's pastime, The Usborne Introduction To Archaeology: Internet-Linked should be a part of every school and community library Archaeology Studies collection
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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