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The Unsung Hero.

THE UNSUNG HERO. Suzanne Brockmann. 2000/2003. Read by William Dufris. 13 cds. 15.5 hrs. Sound Library, BBC Audiobooks America. 0-7927-3122-0. $112.95. Vinyl; plot, reader, author notes. A

Returning to his New England hometown to convalesce from a serious head injury, Navy SEAL Lt. Tom Paoletti spots a terrorist who was presumed dead. Tom's superiors refuse to assist, attributing the unlikely sighting to his head injury. With the aid of a ragtag group, Tom puts his future and his career on the line to pursue his hunch and try to stop the bomber. Several other plot lines intersect: the high school romance between Tom and Kelly, the "girl next door," is passionately rekindled when Kelly returns to their hometown to care for her dying father. Told in flashbacks, there is also the WW II relationship between Kelly's dad and Tom's uncle that developed into a 60-year friendship between the two men who both loved the same French woman who worked in the Resistance.

Dufris creates a fantastic variety of voices, capturing the emotion and the tension in both the romantic encounters and in the ticking bomb threat. Extensive descriptions of sexual fantasies take on a more graphic nature as they become reality for the three romances that make up this novel by award-winning romance novelist Brockmann. Carol Kellerman, Santa Fe, NM
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Author:Kellerman, Carol
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:May 1, 2004
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