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The Unorthodox Podcast Asks: Is It Okay to Say 'JAP'?

Among us Jews, we say things we wouldn't say on the outside. It's family, it's mishpochah, so we don't have to watch our tongue. But there are lines we won't cross. And for some of us, "JAP" is that line.

Mark, who doesn't take offense easily, says the word "JAP" offends him. He associates the acronym for "Jewish American Princess" with the blatantly misogynist jokes his youth, which played on stereotypes of the Jewish woman as basically the worst kind of wife, a frigid, whiny, overspender: "What does a JAP make for dinner? Reservations." "What do you call a JAP on a waterbed? Lake Placid."

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Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jun 20, 2018
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