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The Universal Tuition Tax Credit: A Proposal To Advance Parental Choice in Education. How Educational Freedom Will Help Michigan Students, Schools and Taxpayers.

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This report presents a proposal to expand parental choice in Michigan education by amending the Michigan Constitution and establishing a Universal Tuition Tax Credit (UTTC). Section 1 reviews why parental choice is the most important systemic education reform and evaluates various ways to expand it. Section 2 examines Michigan's constitutional prohibition on including nonpublic schools in an open system of parental choice. Section 3 reviews several methods of expanding parental choice and discusses how the UTTC plan capitalizes on strengths and minimizes weaknesses of traditional tuition tax credits and tuition vouchers. Section 4 and Appendix 1 present a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the UTTC on student enrollment and state finances over a 10-year period. In addition to improving public education, the UTTC will save the state $3.4 billion in education expenses in the first 10 years of implementation and over $500 million each year thereafter, savings that can be used to support additional educational programs or address other budget priorities. The report includes detailed guidelines and analysis, the complete text of a proposed UTTC constitutional amendment, key elements of the implementing legislation including sample forms and procedures, and answers to commonly asked questions regarding the UTTC. (RT)

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Author:Anderson, Patrick L.; McLellan, Richard; Overton, Joseph P.; Wolfram, Gary
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Nov 1, 1997
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