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The United States; a brief narrative history, 2d ed.


The United States; a brief narrative history, 2d ed.

Hullar, Link and Scott Nelson.

Harlan Davidson, Inc.


234 pages




This concise treatment, designed as a comfortably-priced core text but also suitable for quick review or as a study guide, focuses on key events and players. This edition includes a new introduction by Philip Weeks on the first Americans and more maps and takes a "cultural literacy" approach in 16 chapters, covering exploration, colonization, the revolution and the young republic, Jefferson and the democratic republic, Jacksonian democracy, the Civil War and the West before and after it, imperial America, populism, progressivism, the Great War, the boom and the bust, the New Deal, World War Two and the origins of the Cold War, postwar and excessively normality, Vietnam, retrenchment in the 1970s and 1980s, and the War on Terror.

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