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The Undisclosed Plight of Third World Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW's) Often Abused and Tortured, Portrayed in the Revealing Documentary "Modern Day Slaves".

Human Trafficking and Human Rights Abuse prevalent among overseas foreign workers

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Overseas foreign workers, numbering in the millions, leave their home country to find work in other parts of the world, and often find themselves trapped in a slave-like existence, abused and forgotten by both their home country and host country, according to filmmaker Ted Unarce. Third world governments support this slave-labor trade, akin to human trafficking, as it brings in billions of dollars by way of remittances. The Philippine government, for example, accrued nearly 18 billion dollars in remittances in 2008 and openly encourages its citizens to become overseas foreign workers.

MODERN DAY SLAVES is a social issue feature film documentary intended to bring awareness to the human rights abuse phenomenon that is prevalent worldwide yet sadly undisclosed, regarding OFW's (Overseas Foreign Workers). The documentary which has just completed production is currently in negotiations for network cable, TV and home video distribution. Filmmaker Ted Unarce's mission is to bring this issue to light so that it is openly discussed in the media, academia and the American public.

GTC Films' filmmaker and humanitarian, Ted Unarce, exposes these injustices in the documentary MODERN DAY SLAVES and follows the lives of four Filipino overseas foreign workers from different social-economic backgrounds. The stories depict rape, severe physical and psychological torture and even a beheading, to outline how human rights are violated and to illustrate the horrific consequence of human trafficking. Says Unarce, "While such problems of the Third World are daunting and perhaps uncomfortable to watch, it is critical for those of us in the First World to look at them with eyes wide open. With the recent financial collapse worldwide, more Americans are fleeing the United States to find work elsewhere. The film 'Modern Day Slaves' is a cautionary tale."

Ted Unarce's goal as a documentary filmmaker is to create a series of films portraying human rights abuse in third world countries. With this film, the intent is to bring forward the social issue of human trafficking and human rights abuse. Unarce is available for interviews on this subject matter as are the academic and political experts featured in the film. More information at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 3, 2009
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