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The Umbrella of discontent.

They have been in congress for 28 years. Hurray! On that day in June 1992, a group of so-called revolutionaries met in caucus and formalised what has been in transition since the rag-tag army of eight was rescued by men on horseback who sent eight top military generals away to face the firing squad.

There was a temporary lease of state property lasting two years and three months. The main architects were the concert duo of the fugu-wearing diplomats, and the head of the institute for research into how Atakpame houses were turned into baked mud boulders for constructing model show-rooms. This building novelty was pioneered on lands donated by Manhyia, and named to reflect the thinking of Kwame the Show Boy.

The de-Graft and Hilla show failed to stem the tide when the men on horseback stormed the broadcasting house with a revolutionary message carried with venom. On their first entry into the edifice constructed by the Danes, they called their form of rule provisional. Nevertheless, the militia were in GH for eleven and a half years.

When the people demanded the legitimacy for their occupation all this while, the zebra-crossing leadership flew into tantrums. 'Hand over to whom?' the leader who was later to occupy Boom Junction screamed, his voice full of venom, sending shivers to all parts of the land.

It took eleven calendar years, and the appearance of several moons, for the real challenge to their illegal occupation to manifest itself. When it did, there was great uproar, as the people's representatives began preparing to take on the leadership of the rag-tag army.

It is the need to prepare for the contest that necessitated changes into how the provisional unit operated. To reflect on the powers of the rag-tag army and its rescue mission, it was found necessary to retain the core acronym. The P, representing the provisional nature of operations, gave way. Otherwise, the format remained the same.

On the letter head, congress replaced council. But, take it from the bearded old academic, the mode of operation remains the same, save the powers of the court, where the men and women in the wig and gown profession feel more liberated, and, hence, bolder in their pronouncements.

At the time of the conversion, many were those liberated from the tyranny of the provisional council. When eight top officials were lined up and shot like game, the only regret expressed by those who ordered the blood to flow was that international condemnation, and especially, the threat by Nigeria to stop crude oil supply to its Western neighbour, had left the military regime without friends.

Fast forward to the events on June 30, 1982. Three high court judges and a retired army officer were abducted from the comfort of their homes during curfew hours, and driven all the way to the Bundase Firing Range on the Shai Hills owned by the military. There, in cold blood, they were executed.

Cecelia, the Assin Nsuta-born Judge was nursing a baby girl at the time she was abducted. On Tuesday, June 30 this year, the men and women of the wig and gown profession would gather to remember the departed. The Coronavirus infection means that not more than 100 will be admitted. But the bust of the three murdered judges are on permanent display at the entrance to the Supreme Court building in Accra.

The effigies of the three remind everyone of the atrocities committed in the name of the governance system at the time. The National Reconciliation Committee established by the Gentle Giant was to cleanse the system and let the victims of those atrocities confront the perpetrators. But how does anybody seek relief for the baby girl whose mother was snatched away at the time she needed protection and motherly care the most.

Asebu Amenfi has never been a man of figures, but this one must settle well with the bald old academic. On official records, the resident of Boom Junction and Naana welcomed their first baby girl on 2nd June 1978. That means that at that time on 30th June 1982, when Samuel Amedeka and his murder squad abducted Cecelia Koranteng-Addo and her colleagues, Zenator Rawlings was four years old.

In other words, Zenator must be barely four years older than the baby Cecelia left to the world. The tale of the two females is that while Zenator was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has had her university education in very expensive British institutions, paid for indirectly by the Ghanaian taxpayer, no one really knows what has happened to the baby whose mother was abducted and murdered by the murder squad then residing at the residence of the former head of state.

Many have been the words written and spoken about the sordid deeds of the execution squad. The official version is that the resident director of Boom Junction knew not the murder squad residing in his own home. Even when the key to the murder vehicle was retrieved from the sitting room of Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings, the official verdict was that the murderers could not have been connected to the former head of state and his Naana.

Today, Zenator sits in Parliament. The word doing the rounds is that Mr. John Dramani Mahama could consider naming Mr. Rawlings' daughter to partner John 3:16, with its Onaapo re-mix to contest the 2020 presidential election.

In other words, the daughter Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings gave birth to four years before the assassins living in the couple' house abducted and murdered the mother of this nameless daughter, stands at the threshold of becoming the Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana. Meanwhile, nobody knows the whereabouts of Cecelia's daughter. Oh how cruel fate could be, sometime!

Last week, with most of the atrocities of those who gave birth to June 4 unresolved, the party faithful gathered in their numbers to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the conversion of the (P)NDC to NDC. The significance of the gathering was not the anniversary itself. The mother of all news was that the head man who oversaw the conversion was not present at all.

The bald old academic has never really taken note of the party's gathering in recent times. Insiders insist though that there has never been an anniversary gathering without the presence of the official resident of Boom Junction. When some of us were cutting our teeth in Geography as a subject in the basic school, one of the early impressions on our memory was the notion that Africa without Madagascar was like soup without salt.

In other words, the NDC, without reference to Boom Junction, is never like the party Jerry Rawlings founded. Some say the party is running away from its founder. Others are of the opinion that the party has lost so much of its values that the founder is unable to recognise the party he signed into being with his blood.

One notorious political observer said the other day that the party has lost its soul. He gave several examples. His beef is that the Airbus bribery scandal has left a deep hole in the party's moral standing.

It is not only the airbus that is the source of consternation. People are now pointing accusing fingers at events leading to Ms. Cotton of America's Quality Grain saga, under which an unemployed African-American arrived on our soil promising to grow rice at Avetime, and ended up duping this nation of a cool US$20 million, aided by top officials of the party Jerry John Rawlings founded.

That is not the only inequity registered in the name of those who aided Jerry Rawlings to lead this nation astray. Once upon a regime, with statecraft suffering from lack of proper direction, a number of refusnik newspapers decided that enough was enough, and went to town on the lack of decorum afflicting the governance system.

That was an affront to those who rode on the back of the gun to arrive at the constitutional settlements in the land. To show where power lies, trucks full of night soil were dispatched to deposit their contents at the front of offices of these 'too known' newspapers.

The next day, the attention of the global media was in Accra. So and so newspapers have been shit-bombed, the story made headline news in London, Berlin, and Washington among world capitals.

Indeed, there was enough to celebrate and commiserate on at the party's 28th anniversary bash. In the absence of John the Founder, John the Bole/Bamboi Landlord sat in state and received all applause and condemnations. One thing stood out, the congress now sits precariously on the head of John the Bole/Bamboi Landlord.

Like the puppies which were nursed to drive away Snowball and consolidated the base of Napoleon's empire in George Orwell's Animal Farm, babies with sharp teeth now provide the lunch-pad upon which John the Bole/Bamboi Landlord is attempting to wrestle power from the Founder.

Nowhere cool under the Umbrella!

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Date:Jun 25, 2020
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