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The US market for dyes and organic pigments (organic colorants) is forecast to expand 3.3 percent per annum, reaching $2.9 billion in the year 2003.

The US market for dyes and organic pigments (organic colorants) is forecast to expand 3.3 percent per annum, reaching $2.9 billion in the year 2003. Organic pigments have become the larger sector in organic colorants, boosted by consistently higher growth rates during the past decade. The use of more expensive, high performance pigments and the displacement of heavy metal-based inorganic colorantswill continue to spur demand for organic pigments. These and other trends are pre Organic Pigments, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industrial market research firm.

Demand for organic pigments is expected to expand over 6 percent per annum to $1.7 billion in 2003. Growth will be driven by healthy demand in plastics, paints and coatings, and printing inks, and fortified by the continued substitution of organic pigments for inorganic materials in response to both regulatory and consumer environmental concerns. Development of high performance pigments for automotive finishes and other highly demanding colorant applications will also support value gains.

US demand for dyes is expected to decline modestly to $1.2 billion in 2003. Losses reflect sluggish growth in the large textile market and a weak pricing environment due to global overcapacity and intense competition from low-cost imports. However, growth opportunities are to be found in value-added dyes providing improved process efficiency, environmental acceptability and performance characteristics.

Forecast to account for nearly one-quarter of US dyes and pigments demand in 2003, the textile industry will remain the largest end-use market for these products despite annual declines greater than one percent per year. Disperse dyes will record the strongest growth among textile dyes. Prices of these unique products have been less affected by competition from low-cost imports than have lower-tier dyes. Strongest growth for dyes and organic pigments is forecast for the paints and coatings market, which will advance nearly 7 percent per year due to changes in the product mix favoring more expensive, high performance pigments in such demanding applications as automotive finishes. Above-average growth is also expected in the printing inks and plastics markets, bolstered by a fairly healthy outlook for these end-use markets and by improved technologies, particularly in ink jet printing.

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Comment:The US market for dyes and organic pigments (organic colorants) is forecast to expand 3.3 percent per annum, reaching $2.9 billion in the year 2003.
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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