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The Turkish Military Build-Up Fills The Border As Elite Iraqi Troops Hit ISIS Inside Mosul.

A key Sunni front power backed by the Saudi-led GCC, Turkey has massed its armed forces along Iraq's border, having deployed heavy tanks and other armoured vehicles in the town of Silopi. This comes as Iraq's elite troops have begun liberating Mosul - the country's second largest city invited in June 2014 by the ISIS terrorists (see below).

Turkish Defence Minister Fikri I?ik on Nov. 7 was reported as saying his military, backed by the air force, had "no obligation" to wait behind its borders and would do what was necessary if Marxist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels were to enter north-western Iraq's Sinjar region, around 115 km south of Silopi. He warned: "We will not allow the threat to Turkey to increase".

The deployment followed a warning by President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an that Turkey was bent on protecting both the Turkoman and Sunni Arab minorities in northern Iraq, particularly the Turkoman town of Tal A'far, between Mosul and the Syrian border, which the IRGC intends to use as a strategic bridge between Iran and Syria's Alawite coast on the Mediterranean Sea, where Russia was building a permanent base for its naval forces in Tartus south of its giant air-base near Latakia

Yet the IRGC has lost to Russia its lead in trying to protect Syria's Alawite dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad - a regime vital to maintaining Iran's direct link to Hizbullah in Lebanon. This is why Hizbullah is taking part in the Syrian war to defend Assad's regime. This is also in view of Assad's lack of fighting man-power caused by military defections since the Sunni Arab-led revolution against "the Alawite tyranny" began in mid-March 2011.

This is why Saudi and Turkish officials allege that the IRGC has helped bring ISIS to Syria at Assad's request so he could claim he was facing terrorism and not a revolution against five-decade rule by the Alawite clan. There have been many reports of IRGC and Assad links with ISIS and other Sunni terror groups (see sbme3SyrIrq19Sep16 and fap1-IrnIsis18July16).

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Publication:APS Diplomat Strategic Balance in the Middle East
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Date:Nov 7, 2016
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