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The Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy.

The Trail Of Tears: Cherokee Legacy

Rich-Heape Films

5952 Roayl Lane, Suite 254, Dallas, TX 75230

DVD $34.95 1-888-600-2922

Produced and directed by Chip Richie, The Trail Of Tears: Cherokee Legacy is an engaging two hour documentary exploring one of America's darkest periods in which President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830 consequently transported Native Americans of the Cherokee Nation to the bleak and unsupportive Oklahoma Territory in the year 1838. Deftly presented by the talents of Wes Studi, James Earl Jones, and James Garner, The Trail Of Tears: Cherokee Legacy also includes narrations of famed celebrities Crystal Gayle, Johnt Buttrum, Governor Douglas Wilder, and Steven R. Heape. A welcome DVD addition to personal, school, and community library Native American history collections, The Trail Of Tears: Cherokee Legacy is strongly recommended for its informative and tactful presentation of such a tragic and controversial historical occurrence in 19th century American history.
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Author:Vogel, Paul T.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Video recording review
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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