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The Town Of Friedberg Plans In The New Building Area In Friedberg -sd An Urban Social Apartment New Construction With The Involvement Of Public Funds.

Contract notice: The town of Friedberg plans in the new building area in Friedberg -Sd an urban social Apartment new construction with the involvement of public funds

Services of Objektplanung gem. 34 HOAI, LPH 1-9, gradually contracting, for the construction of a municipal social rental housing (Phase 1: building site I: 1 residential building 4 storeys + TG, Phase 2: Baufeld II - WA 1: 1 residential building 4 storeys + TG and construction phase 3: Baufeld II - WA 2: 1 residential 3 storeys + TG) in the construction area at the Afrastrae (BauG No. 92 - south of the railway line Augsburg - Ingolstadt and west of Afrastrae)..

The following general guidelines on the construction project should be considered:

1. Social / Social Aspects

see also II.1.4)

The project will involve inclusion oriented concepts. Houses should always inclusive justice d. H. Are accessibility features (see DIN 18040-2).

It is expected a total investment cost and as a result cost rents.

2. Energy / Sustainability

When building to sustainable construction and raw materials (ecological and durable) and enhanced regenerative energies are used.

There is provided a central, energy-saving and ecological heat supply with a connection via the district heating network.

The installation of a PV system on the roof areas must be considered.

In any case, sustainable faade cladding compared to conventional EIFS should be examined.

3. Structural aspects

Air: The special problem of facades (east facade by day and eastern and partly north facade at night) with exceeding the emission limits must be observed. These facades vulnerable spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms or children are not permitted, unless they have an additional window on facades without exceeding are ventilated. Optionally, alternatively on the north or east facade passive noise protection measures in the form of sound-proof windows with controlled ventilation or other measures (eg. As pergolas, etc.) can be realized.

3.2 Creation of a parking garage: When planning the garage and the building foundation of increased ground water level has to be considered.

The parking garage driveways slip roads are completely einzuhausen and disguise the walls of the ramps with sound absorbing material.

In addition, special conditions as are to be observed from the development plan such as minimum length and the maximum length of a building. the maximum wall height; Roof forms should be designed and aligned such that the use of solar radiation energy is possible; etc.

4. Promotions / investment cost / lifecycle costs

The building is to be financed with public funds. Therefore, there are the costs claimed guideline followed (investment costs) or below.

The customer received careful planning and assessment of the expected life-cycle costs is expected.

. 5

The award proceedings will probably take place in November 2016th Procurement is expected to in December 2016, the start of planning is

Major organization : STADT FRIEDBERG

Address : Marienplatz 5



Contact Person: Finanzreferat

Country :Germany

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 292444-2016

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2016-09-20

Tender documents : T35074392.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 26, 2016
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