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The Tire Society meets in Akron.

The Tire Society's 25th Annual Conference on Tire Science and Technology will take place September 11-12 at the Radisson Hotel in Akron, OH. This international conference provides a venue for reviewing recent advances in the science and technology of tires. The conference is attended annually by some 200 engineers and scientists from the world's tire and vehicle industries, academia and government.

The keynote address will be presented by Francesco Gori, chairman and managing director of Pirelli Pneumatici SpA. The plenary lecture will be given by Thomas D. Gillespie, a research professor at the University of Michigan. And the awards banquet speaker will be Neal Lackritz, team leader for the Bose suspension system.

Technical paper presentations will include the following:

"Investigation of new fiber material for tire reinforcement and development of high performance tire with new fiber materials," Masahiko Yamamoto and Yugo Zuigyo, Bridgestone;

"FTire Software: Advances in modelization and data supply," Michael Gipser, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences;

"Effect of coupling agent on the wear of silica-filled styrene butadiene rubber--the influence of dump temperature and sulfur rank," Tomoaki Iwai, Kouichi Kato and Yoshitaka Uchiyama, Kanazqwa University;

"A commented synopsis of the report of the committee for the national tire efficiency study," Marion G. Pottinger, M'gineering, LLC; Joseph D. Walter, University of Akron; and John D. Eagleburger;

"Prediction of tire ride and comfort performances at high speed," Daniel Huyongkang and Christophe Thiry, Good-year Technical Center Luxembourg;

"The fidelity of SAE J-1269 and SAE J-2452 rolling resistance testing," James A. Popio, Smithers Scientific Services; and John R. Luchini, Cooper Tire & Rubber;

"Modeling transient rolling resistance of tires," John R. Luchini, Cooper Tire & Rubber; and James A. Popio, Smithers Scientific Services;

"Tire forces and moments using an analytical model with physical parameters," M. Kamel Salaani, Transportation Research Center;

"Effect of non-standard curing conditions on thermal properties and temperature distribution of a rolling tires," Hassan Basirat Tabrizi and Babak Afzali, Amirkabir University of Technology;

"The development of integrated optimum contour design system to satisfy multi-performances of the tire," Dong Woo Lee and W.S. Joo, Dong-A University; S.R. Kim, K.D. Sung and C.T. Cho, Nexen Tire; and S.S. Cho, Gangwon National University;

"Finite element analysis for cord force of a truck radial tire," Chen Fang and Wang Guo-lin, Jiangsu University, Wheel Institute of Aeolus and Jiangda; and An Dengfeng and Ying Shizhou, Aeolus Tire Ltd.;

"The chemistry and physics of a natural tread separation," John M. Baldwin and Robert J. Pascarella, Ford Motor; and Donald F. Tandy, Jr., Kenneth T. Tandy, Kevan J. Granat and Nicholas J. Durisek, Tandy Engineering & Associates;

"Nitrogen tire inflation," Kevin R.J. Ellwood, John M. Baldwin and David R. Bauer, Ford Motor;

"Deformation properties of a radial tire in contact with the road," Kazuyuki Kabe and Naoshi Miyashita, Yokohama Rubber Ltd.;

"Accuracy, sensitivity and correlation of coastdown rolling resistance predictions by FEA," Jan M. Terziyski, Hankook Tire Ltd.;

"A 3D tire/road interaction simulation by a developed finite element code (Abaqus code)," M. Zamzamzadeh, Kerman Tire & Rubber; F. Ariana, Shahid Bahonar University; and M. Negarestani, Sharif University of Technology;

"Tires' effect on steering feel using a simulation model," Michael U. Frank, University of Akron and Bridgestone/ Firestone NA;

"Experimental and theoretical studies on tread rubber material properties and behaviors for the application to theoretical tire model," Hiroshi Yokohama, Stephen D. Hall and Robert B. Randall, UNSW;

"Mechanism study of the sulfide layer at the rubber-tire cord interface," Prasan B. Harakuni and William J. van Ooij, University of Cincinnati;

"Tire energy loss from obstacle impact," Timothy B. Rhyne and Steven M. Cron, Michelin Americas Research & Development;

"Dynamic fracture of natural rubber," Ali A. Al-Quraishi and Michelle S. Hoo Fatt, University of Akron;

"Prediction of tread pattern wear by explicit FEM," J.C. Cho, B.C. Jeong and Samuel B. Knisley, Hankook Tire Ltd.;

"High speed tire analysis and standing waves using a mixed Lagrangian/ Eulerian method," Chris Wohlever and Michael Snyman, Abaqus;

"Frictional energy on tread rubber block under variable conditions," Hyun-Swung Yoo and Doo-Man Kim, Hankuk Aviation University; and In-Jeong Park, Hankook Tire Ltd.

"Two methods of on-road tire characterization: Direct measurement and using an instrumented vehicle," Sven Jansen, Roel Leenen and Joost Zuurbier, TNO Automotive; and

"An analysis of the influence of tire force and moment shape on vehicle handling performance for large slip angle maneuvers," C.W. Mousseau and K.D. Norman, General Motors Proving Grounds.

The registration fee for The Tire Society's 25th Annual Meeting and Conference on Tire Science and Technology is $250. Further information is available from The Tire Society (330) 929-5238 or

ITEC 2006 focuses on tire technology

ITEC 2006, sponsored by Rubber & Plastics News, will be held September 12-14 at the John S. Knight Center in Akron, OH.

ITEC 2006 will address data-based approaching paradigm shifts that can offer the tire industry major business and performance opportunities. The program will offer an opportunity to debate ideas and data that can be the basis for future tire consumption, performance and safety increases.

The keynote address will be presented by Maurizio Boiocchi, global director of research and development for Pirelli Pneumatici SpA.

ITEC organizers have dedicated an entire afternoon to in-depth presentations on the state of the Chinese, Indian and Pakistan tire industries.

ITEC 2006 will include 60 technical paper presentatons, as well as over 100 exhibitors.

Scheduled technical presentations will include the following: The single test solution for rubber mixing in the tire industry; Silanes in tires; Global trends in tire raw materials: Natural and synthetic rubber; Extended mobility--Continental's new sealant kit; Comparison of and issues between the SAE rolling resistance test--recommended practices; Low profile tire curing bladders, reduced curing defects; Irregular tread wear rate over internal separations; Performance enhancement in rubber by modern filler systems; Processing of a new rubber silane; A highly processible low unsaturated EPDM for inner tube applications; and Setting the standard for in-process compound liners and component separators.

Full conference registration for tire manufacturers is $495, and for all others is $600. Further information is available from Harold Herzlich (702) 254-2030; email:
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