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The Tiebout Model at fifty; essays in public economics in honor of Wallace Oates.


The Tiebout Model at fifty; essays in public economics in honor of Wallace Oates.

Ed. by William A. Fischel.

Lincoln Inst. of Land Policy


339 pages




Charles Tiebout's 1956 article "A Pure Theory of Local Expenditures" proposed bypassing the political process and determining the demand for local public goods according to where people choose to live. To celebrate its fifth decade, scholars of economics, law, and public policy who have used his perspective were invited to a June 2005 conference cosponsored by the Lincoln Institute and Dartmouth College. The 10 papers, and commentary on them, look at such aspects as California's school finance reform, land use controls, and the comparative merits of Congress and the states in constitutional federalism.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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