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The Thursday Column: Proof that banana skins are indeed potential banana skins.

Byline: Bruce Millington

WE'VE all sneered at those fools who insist on using the banana skin analogy whenever a good team meets a lowly one in a cup tie.

"Pah! Can't these imbeciles come up with something more original?" we scoff. "Besides, banana skins aren't even hazardous objects."

Now, however, I shall never again pour scorn on Garth Crooks and all the other gratuitous users of banana skin.

That's because John Clark, Sports Betting's Spanish footy sage, stepped on a banana skin while dropping off his kids at school yesterday and very nearly broke his ruddy neck as a consequence.

Thankfully, the damage was limited to a severe loss of dignity as he struggled to regain his footing as the mums giggled amongst themselves in the playground.

Apparently one of his children saw the offending fruit peel but did not have time to say: "Watch out, dad. You are about to step on a potentially dangerous lower division FA Cup opponent."
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jan 31, 2002
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