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The Thomas Wolfe Society.

History: Following a suggestion from Professor Duane Schneider (Ohio University), scholars, librarians, collectors, and admirers of Thomas Wolfe began working in 1978 to form the Thomas Wolfe Society. Efforts continued during the spring and summer of 1979, and the formation of the Society was announced in October 1979 during the Thomas Wolfe Fest at St. Mary's College, Raleigh, North Carolina. Officers were elected in April 1980 in Asheville. Professor Schneider became the first president.

Purpose: The Society encourages scholarly study of and general interest in Thomas Wolfe's work and career. Through its annual meeting and its publications, the Society gives scholars, critics, teachers, students, and readers opportunities to share and gain knowledge about Wolfe's life and works. With the approval of the Board of Directors, the Society may undertake special projects to promote its goals and purpose.

Meetings: Each year the Society meets in a place associated with Thomas Wolfe, such as Asheville and Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and New York City. Other sites are added as appropriate. The Society's 2010 meeting will be held in Greenville, South Carolina, May 28-29.

Projects: The Society has placed memorial plaques on one of Wolfe's residences in Brooklyn, on the main gate of Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina, and in the Neurosurgery Library at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Citations of Merit are awarded for exceptional creative or scholarly work on Wolfe. The Society also awards the annual Zelda & Paul Gitlin Literary Prize to the author of the most outstanding scholarly article on Wolfe published during the preceding calendar year (see page 212). The Thomas Wolfe Student Essay Prize in Honor of Richard S. Kennedy is presented annually to the student, undergraduate or graduate, who submits the best essay on Wolfe (see page 211). Through the generosity of Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin, the Society offers the William B. Wisdom Grants in Aid of Research. These are designed for travel and living expenses for scholars and students working in the William B. Wisdom Collection of Thomas Wolfe at Houghton Library, Harvard University. Consideration is also given to applicants using the Thomas Wolfe Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Candidates at work on PhD dissertations are especially encouraged (see page 213). Through the generosity of Betty A. Thompson, the Society also offers the Aldo P. Magi Grants in Aid of Independent Research, for research projects on Wolfe that are undertaken without other support and without the prospect of royalties or revenue.

Publications: The Society issues an annual publication, which may contain work by Thomas Wolfe--often previously unpublished--or a monograph about Wolfe and his circle. Following is the complete list of TWS publications through 2009:

* London Tower (1980)

* The Proem to "O Lost" (1980)

* Thomas Wolfe: The Discovery of a Genius, by Madeleine Boyd (1981)

* The Streets of Durham (1982)

* K-19: Salvaged Pieces (1983)

* The Train and the City (1984)

* Holding on for Heaven: The Cables and Postcards of Thomas Wolfe and Aline Bernstein (1985)

* The Hound of Darkness (1986)

* Wolfe and Belinda Jelliffe, by Aldo P Magi and Richard Walser (1987)

* The Table Talk of Thomas Wolfe, by William B. Wisdom (1988)

* The Starwick Episodes (1989)

* Thomas Wolfe's Composition Books: The North State Fitting School 1912-1915 (1990)

* The Autobiographical Outline for Look Homeward, Angel (1991)

* Thomas Wolfe's Notes on Macbeth: The University of North Carolina, English 37, Winter Quarter 1919 (1992)

* My Impressions of the Wolfe Family and of Maxwell Perkins, by William B. Wisdom (1993)

* [George Webber, Writer]: An Introduction by a Friend (1994)

* Portraits of a Novelist: Douglas Gorsline and Thomas Wolfe, by Aldo P. Magi (1995)

* Antaeus, or A Memory of Earth (1996)

* "Always yours, Max": Maxwell Perkins Responds to Questions about Thomas Wolfe (1997)

* Passage to England: A Selection (1998)

* Selected Essays from the Thomas Wolfe Newsletter/Review: A Memorial to Dr. John S. Phillipson, Editor, 1977-1996 (1999)

* The Medical Students (2000)

* Ca, C'est Paris, by Frank Wilson (2001)

* What a Writer Reads (2002)

* The Look Homeward, Angel Portfolio of Letterio Calapai (2003)

* 48 Spruce Street, artwork by Sharon Trammel (2004)

* Thomas Wolfe's Friendship with Henry Volkening: The Documents (2005)

* My Father's Hands (2006)

* The Death of Gant (2007)

* The Wax Cylinders: Julia Wolfe Interviews by John Skally Terry (2008)

* The Whore (2009)

The Society also publishes the annual Proceedings and Membership List, which contains information and photos from that year's meeting, further information about the Society, and detailed lists of award winners, meeting sites, and publications. Many past publications are available for purchase by members. Write to Thomas Wolfe Society, P.O. Box 1146, Bloomington, IN 47402-1146; or e-mail

Journal: The Thomas Wolfe Review, sponsored by the Society, is included as a benefit for members. The official journal of the Thomas Wolfe Society, it carries articles and notes about Wolfe and his circle, as well as bibliographical material. The Review also features news of interest to TWS members. For more information, see page 210. Also visit

Web site: Maintained by Deborah A. Borland, the official Web site of the Thomas Wolfe Society is

Membership: Any person, business, corporation, or educational institution interested in the Society's aims may join. Members may attend meetings, participate in the Society's activities, and serve as officers or on the Board of Directors. They receive the Thomas Wolfe Review and all publications issued by the Society. Joint memberships receive one copy of each Society publication. A membership form appears on the following page. Membership brochures are also available for schools, libraries, or individuals. Write to P.O. Box 1146, Bloomington, IN 474021146, or send an e-mail to
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