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Articles from The Texas Journal of Science (August 1, 1991)

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A review of changes in the geomorphology and hydrology of Waller Creek (Austin, Texas) as a result of urban development. Swezey, Christopher S. 2929
Comments on pelage and molt of the spotted ground squirrel, Spermophilus spilosoma (Rodentia: Sciuridae). Stangl, Frederick B., Jr.; Goetze, Jim R. 1334
Cranial variation and asymmetry in southern populations of the porcupine, Erethizon dorsatum. Stangl, Frederick B., Jr.; Owen, Robert D.; Morris-Fuller, Dawn E. 9295
Density-dependent consumer effects on resource quality in carbonate sediments. Bianchi, Thomas S. 3947
Distribution and inheritance of banding phenotypes in the gastropod, Otala lactea, from central Texas. Pierce, Benjamin A.; Fraze, Russell K. 2843
Distributional records and ecological notes for two species of rodents in Texas. Wilkins, Kenneth T. 1499
Effect of mine reclamation on ant community structure in eastern Texas. Anthony, Carl D.; Formanowicz, Daniel R., Jr.; Brodie, Edmund D., Jr. 5062
First report of Mesocestoides sp. tetrathridia (Cyclophyllidea: mesocestoididae) in the Texas alligator lizard, Gerrhonotus liocephalus (Sauria: Anguidae), from Coahuila, Mexico. McAllister, Chris T. 534
Geographic variation and taxonomy of Liophis almadensis (Wagler) (Serpentes: Colubridae), and description of a new species of Liophis from Argentina and Bolivia. Dixon, James R. 4124
Helminth parasites of unisexual and bisexual whiptail lizards (Teiidae) in North America. VI. the gray-checkered whiptail (Cnemidophorus dixoni). McAllister, Chris T.; Cordes, James E.; Walker, James M. 2507
History of paddlefish occurrence in Texas. Pitman, Veronica M. 1742
On the effect of magnetic field on electrophoresis. Dhar, Hari P.; Nath, Subrata; Lewis, Donald H. 1174
Proper values of matrices and central conics. Amir-Moez, Ali R. 1738
The plains harvest mouse, Reithrodontomys montanus, in Kimble County, Texas. McAllister, Chris T.; Earle, Brian D. 502
The presence of Centronycteris maximiliani and Micronycteris daviesi (Chiroptera) in Venezuela. McCarthy, Timothy J.; Ochoa G., Jose 1110
Vertebrate remains found in barn owl pellets from Wilbarger County, Texas. Jones, Clyde; Goetze, Jim R. 1232

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