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The Technology of Vitamins in Food.

Healthy eating is nothing new but a larger proportion of the population have now taken on the board the message that nutrition and healthy eating are important in our daily lives. Because of this, the food industry has taken a greater interest in the nutritional value of its products and has become concerned with the maintenance of micronutrient levels.

Whilst the food industry has always been required to produce foods with the necessary supply of nutrients, it is now required to market food that has a long shelf-life and is in highly convenient form. As many readers will know, vitamins are relatively unstable and are affected by heat, light, other food components and the various processes needed to preserve food or convert in into suitable products. All in all, vitamins can be partially degraded or even rendered useless as far as the consumer is concerned.

Food technology is concerned with maintaining vitamin levels in food and even the restoration of the vitamin if losses have occurred. Add to this the requirements of special nutritional foods, like infant foods and slimming foods that need to be enriched with vitamins and other micronutrients and one can see the importance of this whole subject.

This text discusses the vitamins as ingredients in our foods, the technology of their production and coverage is also given on aspects such as analysis, stability and their use as technological aids. The editor and 9 contributors have developed 9 chapters with titles: Biological functions of vitamins; Natural occurrence of vitamins in food; Nutritional aspects of vitamins; Industrial production; Stability of vitamins in food; Vitamin fortification of foods (specific applications); Vitamins as food additives; Vitamin analysis in foods; and Food fortification.
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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