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The Teaching of Little Crow.

The Teaching Of Little Crow

Angelina Heart

Heart Flame Publishing

PO Box 790038, Virgin, UT 84779

BookMasters, Inc.

PO Box 2139, Mansfield, OH 44905

0972661808 $25.95 1-800-537-6727

There is a new and growing sub-genre appearing in American literature called "Spiritual Fiction", offering applied spirituality through a fictional format. Angelina Heart's new novel The Teaching Of Little Crow is just such a literary work. This is a romantic story of Dylan Crow, a movie mogul and rock star who has achieved the pinnacle of success and acclaim in his chosen field with all of its perks and prerogative. But he feels a sense of incompleteness and spiritual need that his success simply cannot address. A chance encounter with his "Divine Counterpart" initiates a sudden and surprising education into insights that range from Native American wisdom to the teachings of ancient mystery schools, from New Age metaphysics to orthodox religion. The Teaching Of Little Crow is a deftly written and entrancingly original novel offering an engaging story filled with memorable characters, life affirming metaphysics, and spiritual insights from beginning to end. Highly recommended reading, especially for students of Metaphysics, Spirituality, and who are themselves in search of some higher consciousness and meaning within their own lives.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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