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The TV man who's seen it all.


If the BBC ever bring back the Grumpy Old Man series, they should sign up Ginger Baker.

The genuinely legendary drummer, most famously one third of Cream with Eric Clapton and the late, great Jack Bruce, was the star of Beware of Mr Baker (Wednesday, BBC1) and he was as unpleasant as they come.

All the talent in the world - footage of him in action behind a drum kit showed someone with mercurial abilities - can't really make up for being this bitter and twisted with hardly a good word to say about anyone.

The veteran musician also hit the film's director Jay Bulger with a stick, which was somehow appropriate. A horrible old git who gives gingers a bad name. Well worth a watch on iPlayer.

n I was delighted the tennis highlights show Wimbledon 2Day (Monday, BBC2) listened to the great unwashed and sorted itself out, dumping fake hedges, standing pundits and a zoo-like crowd hanging around doing nothing, for showing highlights of the tennis and analysing it.

Clare Balding suggested it was all to do with getting "to the business end of the tournament", like they were going to do it all along. Yes, of course, you were. I think someone's had too much deuce.

n News reaches me that the new series of Doctor Who will feature a climax that will mess with your brain.

Director Rachel Talalay, who is behind the cameras for the finale of series nine, has reportedly said her head was "spaghetti" after filming it. She said it was one of the "most complicated and different" episodes she's ever done.

Well, that bodes well. I haven't got a clue what's going on most of the time as it is. If Saturday evenings get any more complicated, I will be turning Dalek, screaming: "Exterminate!"

n The story of how Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered Tutankhamun's tomb is being turned into a four-part drama by ITV.

The real-life story of the discovery of the Egyptian boy-king's resting place in the 1920s will focus on the unlikely friendship between British archaeologist Carter and aristocrat and enthusiastic amateur Lord Carnarvon while searching for the tomb.

Executive producer Francis Hopkinson said: "Carter's discovery is legendary. His all-consuming, obsessive search for the tomb pushed his friendship with Lord Carnarvon to the brink, while the extrovert aristocrat poured his inheritance into the project."

Ginger Baker gave Grumpy Old Men a run for their money in strangely compulsive documentary, while grumpy old viewers must have influenced the tennis highlights show to raise its game. Meanwhile, Doctor Who promises a brain-messing climax. Still, we can always run to our mummy. Tut, tut!

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 12, 2015
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